This year's most read, shared and talked about stories

WHAT will 2017 be remembered for? For the majority, the single most memorable date will be 22 May, when a homemade bomb was detonated as people left Manchester Arena following a concert by US popstar Ariana Grande. The effects rippled through the rest of the year, cementing a new solidarity and pride in the city.

In other areas it was business as usual; dozens of restaurants and bars opened and closed, buildings got knocked down in the name of progress and some controversial new ones sprung up in their place. Transport in and out of the city continued to be difficult, while the introduction of a new bike share scheme went well, then awry, then well again (maybe). Meanwhile, Gordo had a little tantrum about the Christmas markets. Oh, and Gary Neville came up, a lot.

Below you'll find the most read, shared and talked about stories from Manchester Confidential in 2017 (in the unlikely event that you missed any):

Rabbit in the Moon, Exchange Square, reviewed (10 January)

‘The NHS is F**ked’ a secret diary of a Manchester A&E doctor (25 January)

The top 14 gastro pubs in Manchester and beyond (26 January)

Controversial St Michael’s Towers are now bronze (30 January)

St Michaels New 34
Gary Neville's St Michael's scheme caused a stir this year

Why should the Sunday Times eat for free? (8 February)

Why is Manchester’s planning policy making people being so angry? (21 February)

10 of Manchester’s hidden food & booze gems (3 March)

Gary Neville backtracks on controversial £200m city centre towers (15 March)

Are these Manchester’s ugliest new buildings? (23 March)

170323 Ugly Buildings Cardboardy Pomona
Pomona Wharf: ugly

10 more of Manchester’s hidden food & booze gems (28 March)

Manchester’s Gravy Bar hoaxters dupe national press (30 March)

Urmston – an unlikely food-led resurgence takes hold (4 April)

170404 Urmston Whats The Catch 1
What's The Catch, Urmston

Why I voted against Theresa May's snap election (20 April)

Jenny's Restaurant, Britannia Hotel, reviewed (24 April)

Ten of Manchester’s oldest restaurants (25 April)

Manchester’s best outdoor bars, terraces & beer gardens (11 May)

8 new Manchester street foods you really should try (30 May)

Why are people in Trafford so angry about garden waste (6 June)

170606 Trafford Garden Waste Bins Dsc 0159
People in Trafford got angry about bins

10 restaurants the locals don’t want you to know about (19 June)

Food market decision causes rumpus in Stockport (29 June)

10 of the best independent delis and food shops in Manchester (29 June)

Gary Neville: a new type of developer? (13 July)

Trinity Islands – Manchester’s tallest skyscraper set for go-ahead (20 July)

Amma's Canteen, Chorlton, reviewed (31 July)

170731 Ammas Canteen Review Ammas Canteen Aug17 Stuffed Kozhukattai Dimsum
Amma's Canteen in Chorlton was one of the year's most popular reviews

Cheap as chips – 8 of Manchester’s best super cheap eats (2 August)

12 things tourists should never do in Manchester (1 September)

A beginner’s guide to using My Get Me There (11 September)

Get Me There Trial
We all had a laugh at Metrolink's crappy Get Me There scheme

A stunning city centre tower - 68 years late (13 September)

Steaks on a Plane, Bolton, reviewed (14 September)

Jianbing - the Chinese crepe causing queues in Piccadilly Gardens (20 September)

Stretford Rising: weird anger over Class of 92 University (27 September)

Tory Party Conference – a handy list of don’ts for visiting Conservatives (29 September)

Boris Johnson Brick
We put together a handy list of don'ts for visiting Tories

Manchester’s Mobike problem is really not that bad (10 October)

Attention to detail – how Manchester is failing tourism (23 October)

10 reasons why Gordo won’t be visiting Manchester’s Xmas markets (10 November)

Manchester's aggressive beggars should be fined (4 December)

161010 Homeless 18
And there was a row about Manchester's beggars

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