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We’ve all been there, Mum’s birthday’s coming up and muggins here has been tasked with organising the family meal. Your niece has just announced she’s vegan, your brother-in-law’s a total food snob who’s just got back from a business trip in Asia and will only eat somewhere “authentic" with a decent wine list and grandma doesn’t like garlic. 

Oh, and it’s got to be in Urmston.

Just tap your location or cuisine into the search box, add some filters and away you go.

Deciding where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner with family, friends, colleagues or partners should be easy, but it rarely is. With everything to factor in from location to price to cuisine to dietary requirements - not to mention accessibility, parking and opening hours - fun is often only a few steps away from frustration. 

We hear ya.

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A comprehensive guide to Manchester restaurants

That’s why we came up with Confidential Guides. What started as our Top 100 restaurants in the North - a big eff you to the London-centric restaurant directories of yore, where only a handful of token northern dining spots were ever included - has now expanded to include over 400 restaurants, cafes and casual diners in Greater Manchester. 

All restaurants are chosen by our team of professional eaters - with a little help from some trustworthy external sources - fuelled by endless arguments about things like the merits or perils of coriander.

It’s a no-brainer, really. Confidential Guides is our comprehensive and carefully researched guide to the restaurants of Greater Manchester.  A detailed restaurant directory that is searchable by location, cuisine and other important factors like dietary requirements, child-friendliness, wine list, outdoor dining space, brunch options, private dining rooms and so on. 

Just tap your location or cuisine into the search box, add some filters depending on what your individual needs are, and away you go.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use Confidential Guides

Our restaurant guide is made by northerners for everyone

We bloody love eating out and we know you do too. In the past ten years or so, Manchester’s restaurant scene has exploded and if our regular new openings articles are anything to go by, it’s not slowing down any time soon. 

We aim to keep Confidential Guides as up to date as we possibly can. We’ll keep an eye on standards, we’ll add new places as soon as we know about them, we’ll look out for any we’ve missed - drop us a line with your suggestions and we’ll peer at them with our special food critic glasses on the end of our noses then go and check them out. 

Why can you trust us? Because we’ve got decades of experience eating out and writing about it and we can’t stand getting ripped off with crap and costly meals. We’re long established as a trustworthy source for eating out in the North. Take a look at our restaurant reviews on Confidentials.com, all of them come with a receipt to show that we actually ate there (not just on the press launch, though we go to those too), paid our bill as you do, and wrote an honest account of our experience. 

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Our writers have been working their arses off to create an information card for every restaurant worth eating at in Greater Manchester with all the helpful info you need. 

We’re bursting with excitement to share this helpful resource with you.

The Confidential Guides restaurant directory for Greater Manchester is launching on 16 August 2021 but we’re not stopping there. Our aim is to eventually cover the whole of the North West. 

We’re on it, we love it and we want to take you with us.

Have a play with the search function on Confidential Guides now and let us know what you think.

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