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By which we mean we drink beer and eat ourselves silly

Summer’s here and World Cup fever is already building at Confidential Towers – the first match is on Thursday 14 June. To get ourselves even giddier, we headed down to Cafe Football at The National Football Museum.

Soak up the pre-match atmosphere (and the sun) outside on the terrace or head inside to watch all the action on the big screens. You won’t miss a single kick of the ball with screens everywhere you turn your head.

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All that running around scoring goals uses up energy so it’s a good job Cafe Football have a special menu for the tournament. Hey, spectating can be hard work too. The new dishes include a patriotic English breakfast in a bun and a banana kick sweet treat but Confidential’s favourite was the piroschki buns.

These beef and cheese-stuffed buns, served with sour cream and chives, are on the menu in honour of the Russian hosts. Gently oozing inside and very moreish, they’re a winner in our book.

Img 0675

Some footballers may like to hog the ball but we play nice – we’re always happy to pass. In this case, we were passing round the Around The World In 90 Minutes platter. It costs £10 a head for a minimum of two people and my is it loaded.

It’s not one for salad munchers but if you like big flavours, you’ll like this trot round the globe with Spanish tortilla, chicken kiev balls bigging up the Russian empire (technically from Ukraine presumably but Russia isn’t averse to encroaching on Ukrainian territory) BBQ ribs from Brazil, vegetable Cornish pasties from back in Blighty as well as Belgian (potato) waffles, Mexican nachos and French fish goujons.

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It was all a great sharing smorgasbord but we particularly loved the tender ribs – Brazil as number one? It’s always a possibility.

All this gorging – no wonder we worked up a thirst which is where the beer tower comes in. This impressive contraption holds eight pints but looks like a giant pint you serve yourself from. For £100 you can order one of these beasts along with four pizzas with the option of extra towers and extra pizzas but not when England are playing, that would just be carnage.

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Cafe Football is Confidential’s favourite way to enjoy the World Cup. We’ll be going back to play World Cup Bingo and seeing if we can spot a sporting legend in the stands or a player crying. There’s a free three course plus drinks for you and nine mates up for grabs so join us.

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