Seven Bro7hers and Kellogg’s have released two more upcycled breakfast brews

Seven Bro7hers and Kellogg’s have partnered up once again to transform surplus cereal into pints. 

Following the success of the ‘Throw Away IPA’, the Cornflake beer created by Salford brewery Seven Bro7hers using Kellogg’s waste cereal, the brewery has been experimenting to see what other beers can be made from discarded grains. 

Apparently requests for a beer made using Coco Pops have been especially strong

After a number of experiments and discussions, the brewers have created ‘Sling it out Stout,’ a Coco Pop Stout, and ‘Cast off Pale Ale,’ a double-hopped Rice Krispie ale. 

The original idea was part of the global cereal giant’s efforts to seek out ways to upcycle rejected cereals that had not passed Kellogg’s strict quality control process. One of the results was ‘Throw Away IPA’, a pale ale which uses Corn Flakes to replace some of the wheat grain in the beer mix during the ‘mash’ process. 

2018 12 18 Seven Bro7Hers Kelloggs
Throw Away IPA used up cycled Corn Flakes

The new brews use 80kg of Kellogg’s Coco Pops or Rice Krispies to replace malted barley and create the chocolatey or sweet taste during the process.

‘We always knew we were going to do more,’ says Alison Watson, spokesperson for Seven Bro7hers, ‘but we had to make sure people understood the concept behind it. It wasn’t just about using a cereal to brew beer, it was always about sustainability.’

Thanks to the general interest in sustainability and food waste, national and international media picked up the story, resulting in global interest as far away as USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

Seven Bro7Hers Beer And Cereal
The three beer collection will be sold on tap across Manchester as well as stockists

Donating waste grains to a local business such as Seven Bro7thers means there’s no financial gain for Kellogg’s. This project is just one small part of their commitment towards sustainability with an aim to reduce food loss and waste to ensure that food grown and made goes to human consumption whenever possible. As a result of this collaboration, both parties donated funds from the proceeds to Fairshare foodbank charity. 

Corporate social responsibility manager for Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, Kate Prince, said: “Kellogg’s is always looking for innovative ways to use surplus food, the collaboration with Seven Bro7hers is a fun way to repurpose non-packaged, less-than-perfect cereal. This activity is part of our new ‘Better Days’ commitments which aim to reduce our impact on the planet.”

So how did they decide which beers to create next? ‘It’s not like we can just ask for some Fruit Loops or Bran Flakes,’ Alison said. ‘We have to make sure that there is enough waste cereal to brew with, then we have to look at the type of brew that can be made from that.’

20180315 Seven Brothers 2 600
Seven Bro7hers Brewhouse, Ancoats

Apparently requests for a beer made using Coco Pops have been especially strong and it’s the thing people asked about most after they tried the ‘Throw Away IPA’ Cornflake beer. But how did they come up with the new recipes?

‘A lot of stouts have a chocolatey taste anyway,’ says Alison, ‘so that was a more obvious choice. But with the Rice Krispies, there was a little bit more flexibility not directed so much by the flavour of the cereal, which is why we went for a Pale Ale. 

The three beer collection, including the original ‘Throw Away IPA’, will be sold on tap across Manchester in Seven Bro7hers Brewery hang outs as well as stockists from Thursday 13thJune.

The beers will be available to purchase from web shop and in Booths Country Stores from Thursday 13thJune. Ocado and Selfridges will also be stocking all three craft beers in the near future. 

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