Located next door to the brewery, the bar features 20 draft taps pouring fresh ale and aged brews

Manchester brewers Cloudwater - who were recently named the second best in the world by RateBeer - have revealed the first images from inside their new tap room in Piccadilly.

The new venue, located in Unit 9 of the Piccadilly Trading Estate, replaces their old tap room (which has closed on Sheffield Street) and is situated next door to the brewery, with 20 draft taps pouring fresh releases and aged beers, as well as a shop offering cans, bottles and other non-drinkable merchandise.

It says here that 'Unit 9 has been designed to showcase the artwork Cloudwater has commissioned over the years' and that beer will come served via 'air-cooled, insulated ducting from a 4°C cold store'.

Now you don't get that down The Nag's Knackers. 

Cloudwater Unit 9 Pic 1
The first look inside Cloudwater's new tap room

On top of that, customers can also enjoy 'local gin', 'low-intervention wine' (we think that means the orangey natural stuff with floaters), 'small batch soft drinks' and cold snacks.

Cloudwater say they hope to offer more food in the future, if they can 'convince their landlords to relax restriction in their lease'... sounds like they need some high-intervention.

What else? It will open from 3pm to 10pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and 10am to 10pm on Saturday. They hope to open seven days a week on completion.

Cloudwater boss Paul Jones said: “This takes us a step closer to the tap room of our dreams and allows our customers to enjoy our beer direct from the source, in greater comfort than before.

“We make a huge effort to champion freshness in beer and emphasise the need for beer to be cold stored at every step of the journey between brewery and customer. So it’s really exciting to be able to serve our beer from the same cold store it was moved to immediately after being packaged."

Cloudwater tap room, Unit 9, 9 Piccadilly Trading Estate, M1 2NP