Special ‘Taste of Manchester’ beer packs are now available online

As a result of the potential catastrophe facing small independent breweries, Cloudwater Brewery have decided that now is the time to roll their sleeves up and pull together.

As the government have advised people not to go to pubs and bars, breweries are starting to suffer a huge and sudden decline in wholesale draft sales. To try and make up for their losses, many have had to turn to online sales of beer in cans or bottles, but not all of the smaller independent breweries are set up to do that.

We are here because we are a part of an industry we believe in

To help simplify issues for some of their fellow independent breweries, Cloudwater has invited a number of them to sell their canned and bottled beer utilising Cloudwater’s well established online network.

In a recent blog post, Cloudwater said, “We reached out to local breweries that don’t have the licensing, a widely known platform, staff already honed into delivering online sales, or broad visibility to sell their small pack (canned and bottled) beer direct to consumers with an offer to provide this service on their behalf, and guarantee them a precious income stream at a time of great need.”

As a business known for their community spirit and total transparency, Cloudwater were also careful to explain the fair terms of the new partnership.  “The price you’ll pay for their beers will see 90% return to the breweries, with a 10% administration fee retained as a contribution to our costs. For a £5 can of IPA, each brewery will pocket £3.50 (£0.50 as a contribution to our administration, retail, and shipping costs, and £1 as VAT), a handsome return over a wholesale price of around £1.00 per can to the trade.”

So far, as part of this initiative, local beer from Mobberley Brewhouse, Pomona Island, Runaway Brewery, Squawk and Track is now available via Cloudwater’s online store and tap rooms. 

2020 03 20 Greatest Hits Taste Of Manchester Beer
Greatest Hits (£30)

These beers can also be purchased as one of two new special Taste of Manchester Beer packs, both £30;

Greatest Hits includes Runaway Brewery’s Runaway ESB, Eye of the Storm from Wander Beyond, Cloudwater Brew Co’s Hoppy Little Lager, Citra from Mobberley Brewhouse, Cursor by Squawk Brewing Company, Sonoma from Track Brewing Co and The Power of Independent Trucking, an Imperial Chocolate, Cherry & Coconut Stout by Pomona Island.

Hop Around, features 7 different beers from Runaway Brewery (Runaway IPA), Pomona Island (DDH Table beer, Second Toughest In The Infants), Mobberley Brewhouse (Back to Basics), Squawk Brewing Company (Toco), Rhumba from Wander Beyond, Learning To Fall from Track Brewing Co and the full bodied 8% abv DIPA from Cloudwater Brew Co.

2020 03 20 Hop Around Taste Of Manchester Cloudwater
Taste of Manchester beer selection 2 - Hop Around (£30)

“Whilst our wholesale business may suffer immensely, as advisory distancing and avoidance or mandatory closedowns irreparably damage distributors, wholesalers, pubs, bars, and bottleshops, the most profitable and reliable income available to smaller breweries will be direct retail to customers,” say Cloudater on their recent blog launching the initiative. “We sincerely hope that sharing our platform with breweries around us, deeply in need, helps to keep us all in business.

“This industry, rooted in deep social connections, is at its best when we all pull together. We have spent our first five years in business building a platform on the quality of our beer, the depth of our convictions, and the breadth of our values. We are here because we are a part of an industry we believe in. Though we have little idea what comes next, or how we’ll chart a course that ensures our business survives this pandemic or the global recession we are reportedly now in, we would rather our journey be one vested in the kinship and community that drew us into beer in the first place, than one that sees us turn our back to our communities.

“It is vital that the manufacturing foundation of the UK’s independent craft beer scene survives throughout this global crisis. Independently-owned breweries that centre themselves in an ecosystem of independent businesses are essential to the success of modern British brewing.”

2020 03 20 Cloudwater Collaboration
Beers from Manchester's independent breweries are now available online

In addition, Cloudwater are also launching a new discount scheme for all NHS staff by offering a 25% discount off any of their own beers or merchandise to online accounts registered with an NHS email address, or in-person purchases with an NHS ID badge.

“We will all owe a debt of gratitude to thousands of people that are about to face unimaginable pressures with deep care and compassion,” adds Cloudwater. 

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