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Classic dishes for city centre brunching

After perfecting its lunch and dinner menus, recently opened Italian restaurant Cibo on Liverpool Road, has just launched a classic breakfast menu. And although they are primarily a Neapolitan restaurant, they've taken their inspiration for it from a little closer to home.

The menu says, 'Although Italians are great at most things, the English serve world-renowned breakfasts.' And we're not going to argue with that.

They've adopted the best of what we do: Lancashire sausages, Bury black pudding, baked beans and so on for their full breakfasts (£7.95). And they've included favourite dishes from the US too, such as eggs florentine (£5.50), granola with yoghurt and banana (£3.95) and pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup (£4.25).

Although Italians are great at most things, the English serve world-renowned breakfasts.

One thing the Italians do better than anyone else is, of course, coffee, and Cibo's is superb. (Breakfast without good coffee, isn't really breakfast in our opinion.) Takeout coffee is also available throughout the day.

But if you want something to ease you into the day more gently, how about a breakfast cocktail? Mimosas are £4, Bloody Marys are £6.50.

Cibo's head chef will apply the same principles to breakfast as he does to his lunch and evening menu: these are simple dishes made from fresh, high-quality ingredients.

As part of the Don Giovanni family of restaurants, Cibo can be relied on for fantastic and authentic Italian fare and warm hospitality. Service is fast if you need it to be, but you're welcome to take your time if you're there to relax. The Italian cafe-style setting makes the perfect backdrop to a lazy weekend brunch.

If you're looking for a venue in Manchester city centre for a breakfast meeting or brunch meet-up, why not try here? Cibo is just off Deansgate, opposite the Hilton Hotel. It offers exclusive hire or use of one of the restaurant floors which has its own bar.

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