Spin the cupcake wheel this weekend with Deliveroo's strange new flavours

From dodgy quizzes to online breakout rooms to home spas, let's just say birthdays have had to be a bit more creative this year.

Deliveroo has probably featured in quite a few of those lockdown celebrations and now it's their turn to party. To celebrate its eighth birthday in true whacky lockdown style, Deliveroo has created a hybrid food game no one knew they wanted to play, Cakeaway Roo-lette. The game features eight mysteriously flavoured vegan cupcakes that taste like the nation's favourite foods, but - plot twist - all look exactly the same. 

Inspired by some of Deliveroo's most popular food orders and restaurant partners, the cupcakes look identical but each reveals a different flavour. The most surprising thing? They are all from the savoury end of the flavour spectrum.

Deliveroolette Feb21012

What are Deliveroo's bizarre cupcake flavours?

Deliveroo's flavours are cheeseburger, Margherita pizza, bacon butty, katsu curry, spicy burrito, peri-peri, matcha mochi and perhaps destined to be a cupcake classic, chips and gravy. We reckon Deliveroo favourites Solita, Barburrito, The Chippy on Burton Road, Nomi Katsu and Proove might have had a hand in inspiring these unusual tastes.

But just for fun, we decided to come up with our own flavours to encapsulate the taste of lockdown:

"Hubristic banana bread"

"Chocolate consumed in the bathroom so my children don't see"

"Midday gin and tonic. Double."

"Salt from tears shed while homeschooling (adult and child varieties)"


The real cupcakes, no despair included, are all completely vegan and cost just 80p for all eight. The selection of cakeaways will be available exclusively on Deliveroo this weekend on 6th and 7th March or until sold out. 

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