New neighbourhood residency will pack a flavourful punch this Autumn

Anyone who spent any time during their "gap yah" in Vietnam or South East Asia will know the frustration of arriving back on Britain's salty shores with a freshly enlightened palate and nowhere to exercise it. Luckily Manchester is home to a veritable 24-hour gym of pan-Asian perfection. In fact, from Ancoats to Altrincham and beyond, we really know how to pack some funky international flavour into our eating establishments.

Fans of the unique flavours of the region will not be disappointed.

Now the hottest new neighbourhood in the city, KAMPUS has announced that Altrincham Market favourite, Bánh Vì will be the latest flavour saviour to be taking up residency in its ultra trendy and super cool garden area from Friday 8 October. Hot on the heels of Le Social wine merchants and the talented local boys from Tine, Bánh Vì will be banging out its South Asian creations straight from the bungalow "on stilts" - directly across the water from Canal Street.

The Kampus Bungalow Near Canal Street In Manchester Which Is Currently Home To The Tine Popup Who Are Serving A Special Menu During The Manchester Food And Drink Festival
Bánh Vì will be the newest residents in the KAMPUS bungalow

What's Bánh Vì all about, then?

Regular customers of Bánh Vì co-founders Harry Yarwood and Jess King at Altrincham Market will know that the pair spent the early part of this year contributing to the Eat Well MCR marketplace during the pandemic. 

Now Bánh Vì’s famous take on Vietnam’s favourite sandwich - the Bánh Mì - is back to tickle the tastebuds of Manchester residents once again along with a whole menu of plant-based South East Asian favourites. For the uninitiated, the classic Bánh Mì takes advantage of Vietnam's French culinary influence by taking a crispy-exterior, fluffy-interior baguette and stuffing it with pate, ham, shredded pickled veg, coriander and chilli, Banh vi's version (obviously) uses vegan alternatives. 

In addition, look out for authentically fragrant broths, rice bowls and crispy mushroom "wings" as well as the famously strong and sweet Vietnamese-style coffee.

Harry Yarwood Co Founder Of Banh Vi
Harry Yarwood, co-founder of Bánh Vì, was inspired by the unique flavours South East Asia

Fans of the unique flavours of the region will not be disappointed.

“Hot, sweet, salty, sour, bitter - we’ve always strived for the perfect flavour balance in our creations,” says Harry, “Since we started, we’ve won over so many regulars who now come back week after week for our take on Vietnamese and Malaysian food. Our ethos has always been about using the best ingredients, supporting local suppliers and just delivering amazing, creative menus that people fall in love with, whether they’re used to eating plant-based food or not.”

Pho Summer Rolls And Crispy Mushroom Wings From Banh Vi At Kampus
Find steaming bowls of pho, crispy mushroom 'wings' and summer rolls on the menu at KAMPUS

Bánh Vì cooking classes

Inspired by their own culinary pilgrimage to Asia, the couple established Bánh Vì just two years ago and are now delighted to be offering pho masterclasses straight from the KAMPUS bungalow too. Customers will be given the secret to creating a flavourful and balanced plant-based pho broth as well as learning to make the restaurant's fresh summer rolls at home too.

Banh Vi Plant Based Pho From Eatwell Manchester
Our Editor loved the plant-based pho from Bánh Vì at Eat Well MCR

After its launch on Friday 8 October, Bánh Vì will open Thursday - Saturday 12pm-11pm (food served until 9pm), and Sundays 2pm-7pm (food served until 7pm).

The unique residency at KAMPUS, perfect for the chilly autumnal weather, will run until the end of November. 

Book ahead by contacting the team at 07549 133392.

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