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Stress not with Bali Health Lounge's Neck Release

LIFE being a pain in the neck? Head to Manchester’s most central day spa Bali Health Lounge for their brand-new innovative Neck Release therapy.

Developed in house by the Bali Health Lounge team with the assistance of their industry-leading trainers, the exclusive treatment is focused on helping those suffering with neck tension, and any associated pain, headaches and dizzy spells. Neck niggles are one of the main problems people visit Bali Health Lounge with, and even though they can often be put down to one of three fairly straightforward causes, they’re easily alleviated with the exclusive Neck Release remedy.

So if you’ve been crouching at the computer for a prolonged period of time, or sleeping in an awkward position, or if you’ve twanged a muscle because of bad posture or been experiencing anxiety and stress, Bali Health Lounge might be able to help.

Working on a laptop is murder, so we went along to try and sort out the stiff neck we’ve developed most likely from that. The new Neck Release treatment starts with a lower and upper back massage, then moves to work on the glutes, which are connected to the lower back. Next, the therapist moves up to the shoulders and then the neck itself, where any tightness and knots in the muscle are sniffed out and worked using pressure points. 

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This can be a bit on the painful side dependent on how much tension is stored, but we’re rock hard so we can take it. It was the headache we developed later that was more worrying – although we had been warned that this might happen. It’s because your circulation is improved by the treatment – unblocked, if you like – resulting in blood going to areas where tension was released. We were sure to drink plenty of water, as advised by our therapist, and next day and onwards, we felt loads better.

So, forget FOMO, Bali Health Lounge is all about JOMO this January – the joy of missing out. Steer clear of the crowds as the festive season dispels and treat yourself to some me-time to start the year stress free and as you mean to go on!

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