New festive menu at the Northern Quarter favourite

If you’re planning on getting together with friends before Christmas, do it at BAB where their new Christmas menu is full of feelgood festive food – in a bab. Because everything is better in a flatbread.

 Their signature Christmas dish is the turkey bab. One taste, and you’ll think about serving it on Christmas Day itself. Even if you don’t, it will certainly give you some inspiration for the 25th: cranberry and chilli sauce, pigs in blankets, sprouts, melted brie and cranberries – and some pretty spectacular turkey.

Bab Xmas 7

Vegans aren’t left out this Christmas. There’s a seriously special butternut squash bab with beetroot and chilli sauce and a sprout garnish as part of the festive menu. So if you’re looking for plant-based or poultry satisfaction, there’s a bab with your name on it. Book a table and tuck into some festive babs – they’re on everyone’s Christmas wishlist this year. Even Santa’s.

 The mezze selection makes for a perfect sharing starter between friends – and the pigs in blankets are a must. A beer and a bowl of sausagey goodness. Why can’t it be Christmas all the time? The Yorkshire puddings stuffed with roast beef and gravy are another respectably rich and comforting option…and they go down a treat with a glass of red wine. Just make sure you order enough because they are very moreish.

 Now we know every restaurant from Didsbury to Deansgate has a new Christmas menu, but only one place serves up their festive food as a bab. That should help you decide where to book.

Bab Xmas 6

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