Archery tag is 'non-lethal' - which is nice to know.

Ninja parks, axe throwing, trampoline centres, crazy golf courses, escape rooms…it seems Manchester sprouts a new one every week. True to form, this Friday sees Escape Hunt open in the Corn Exchange; promising Vikings, the Wild West and even Captain Blackbeard.

But there’s a new attraction coming to town (well, Ardwick) this Saturday, and it offers something entirely different: archery tag.

And what, you might ask, is that? Well according to the website…

'Archery tag (aka combat archery) is a sport similar to dodgeball in which participants shoot one another using bow and foam tipped arrows that are non-lethal. Archery tag is a fast-paced sport that requires a lot of dynamic movement, clever decision-making and teamwork to win the game cooperatively. Players can expect to have a great team bonding experience…as well as release their inner Katniss Everdeen (you know, The Hunger Games?).

Archery Tag was invented in Indiana, USA in 2011

Invented in Indiana, the hybrid sport is slowly gaining traction beyond the US but is still relatively unknown in the UK. That’s something Timothy Wan hopes to change with The Archertype, a dedicated venue launching on Saturday 27 October. 

The (family-friendly) sport can be played in private groups or in matches with other players, facilitated by a trainer, and is also suitable for parties and corporate events. All equipment and training is provided. 

How to play:

Using your bow and foam-tipped arrows to knock out the opposing team and shooting the targets to win the game. Obstacles appear on either side of the arena and teams must come up with a strategic plan to take out the opposing team. To start the game, players rush to the centre of the arena to retrieve a singular arrow each from the safety zone. Each game of combat archery lasts ten minutes and can be played with eight to sixteen players. Players can be revived through fellow teammates catching an arrow or knocking out one of the target circles. Games are won in one of the three below ways:

1. Be the first to knock out all five target pieces of the opposing team

2. Disqualify the opposing team by tagging out all of their players

3. Accumulate more points than the opposing team when the time limit reaches zero

2018 10 23 The Archertype 1
Timothy Wan is opening the Archertype in Ardwick

Fancy a go? The Archertype will be offering a 50% discount on its opening day, and costs £20 for a 75-minute session thereafter. For full details, visit

The Archertype, Unit 10A, Universal Building , 37-49 Devonshire Street North, Ardwick, M12 6JR