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Clear your evening: it's one of those bars that's very hard to leave

HIDDEN between La Tasca and The Moon Under Water, Roxy Ball Room is one of those tardis-like venues that make you stand and gape for a moment once you've found the doorway and climbed the stairs.

Because although the entrance is easy-to-miss, upstairs this is a vast space with a lot to take in. One area is devoted to ping pong, another to American-sized pool tables, another to beer pong, another to a bar, another to eating. And it's all interspersed with graffiti murals and lots of room for drinking, chatting and munching. It's a US-style gaming bar and we challenge you not to have fun on a night out there.

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But with so much going on, where do you start? Our top 5 reasons to head to Roxy Ball Room will help you decide:

#1: The lost hours of gaming

You arrive at 6pm. You look at your phone, it's 9pm. You've been caught in a pool-playing time warp: our favourite way to lose an evening. With nine American pool tables and nine ping pong tables, it's easy to get a game. Ballers, this is your place. 

#2: The easy eats and crafted cocktails

Hand-made pizza, classic burgers, mac n cheese bites, buffalo chicken wings: their chefs cook up a very tasty menu of one-handed eats to keep you fuelled up. Having a cocktail as your tea tonight? We recommend the Potluck (Jose Cuervo tequila, lime juice, passion fruit syrup, finished with Ting). So good, and refreshing too.

#3: The indie-rock soundtrack

From Oasis, to Blondie, to The B52s. Forget the ping pong, we come here just for the tunes. No, you can't dance on the pool tables. Yes, people try.

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#4: The beer pong (and the beer)

All nights out should start with a drinking game. This one involves chucking a ping pong ball into a cup of beer then downing it, Frat House style. A good one for breaking the ice and getting everyone laughing. Behind the bar, they've got an impressive range of bottled and canned beers, including some crackers from craft breweries in the US.

#5: The areas just for you and your mates

Heading out with a group? Big nights out are a lot easier when you've got an exclusive area to yourselves with plenty of space and seats. Bookable areas at Roxy include a UV room, a VIP room, a private area and a tournament area.

Roxy Ball Room, 1st floor, 76-78 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2FN.

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