Think November's a 'meh' month? Here are ten ways to prove yourself wrong

It's not just hibernating animals who get all indoorsy when winter hits. The longer nights and wetter weather make getting outside much less appealing than in summer and the less you do, the less you feel like doing. But rather than wait for spring to jolt us back to life, we're taking a different approach to winter this year. We'll be embracing the cold and gloom like a sporty, yoga mat-wielding vampire.

In November's Manchester fitness round-up we've got a bunch of wintery activities including cold water dipping, a night run, cosy yin yoga, and a Sunday afternoon dash around the Goyt Valley south of Stockport. 

And if you really don't feel like exercising at all, go to one of the spectator events or talks coming up this month. Watching other people get active always inspires us to get moving ourselves. (Though we won't be attempting that backflip in the picture above any time soon.)  

Here are the best fitness and wellbeing things to do in Manchester this November.

Bee Sober Cold Water Dip
Experience cold water dipping with Bee Sober Manchester Image: Bee Sober

Bee Sober Manchester Cold Water Dip | Brushes Clough, Oldham | 5 November

What gives you a better buzz than beer? Cold water swimming. Try it at this collaborative event from Bee Sober Manchester and Active Friends. There's no pressure to get in the water if the fear takes hold but they promise the after-effects will make you feel "bloody amazing" if you do. 1pm-3.30pm. £1.  

Breakdancer Doing Head Spin
Go watch Europe's best breakdancers at Belle Vue Sports Village Image: European Breaking Championships 2022

European Breaking Championships | Belle Vue Basketball Centre | 5 and 6 November  

Breaking (or breakdancing as you might know it) is now an Olympic sport thanks to its mix of gravity-defying moves and crazy footwork. You can see the best B-Girls and B-Boys in Europe at this World DanceSport Federation event at Belle Vue Sports Village. Exhibition rounds and head-to-head battles will play out to epic DJ sets until only two dancers remain. 12pm. From £12/£7.50.

Book Cover Of A Womans Game
Hear from top sportswriters and a Lioness legend at this Football Writing Festival event Image: National Football Museum

Legacy of the Lionesses at Football Writing Festival 2022 | National Museum of Football | 10 November

Inspired by the World Cup-winning Lionesses this summer? Head to this talk at the National Football Museum to hear Sky Sports broadcaster Caroline Barker chat to top sportswriters Suzy Wrack and Carrie Dunn and Lioness legend Kerry Davis. They'll be discussing the Lioness's achievements and their potential legacy. 7pm-9pm. £8/£6.

Psychedlic Image Of Planet
Learn about the therapeutic uses of DMT at the latest Seed Talk Image: Mulyadi on Unsplash

Seed Talks: The Science of DMT and Ayahuasca | Friends Meeting House, Mount Street | 11 November

One for the seekers and psychonauts amongst us, this talk from Dr David Luke will take a deep dive into the shamanic, scientific and therapeutic uses of the naturally-occurring psychedelic substance DMT. If you're interested in transcending the boundaries of space and time and communing with the spirits of nature (and who isn't?) it'll be right up your street. 7pm-9.15pm. From £11.50.

Man Wearing Psychi Climbing T Shirt
The Psychi Climbing Festival returns for its 4th year in November Image: Psychi

Psychi Climbing Festival | Rockover Climbing, Cheviot Street | 12 November

Manchester climbing brand Psychi has put together this fab day of climbing-related activities including technical workshops, friendly competitions, coaching from Team GB athletes, signings from top climbers, physio appointments and film screenings. 10am-6pm. £15.

Girl Practising Weighted Calisthenics
Put your strength to the test in this new calisthenics competition Image: BodyStrong UK

BodyStrong UK Weighted Calisthenics Competition | 0161 Community Gym, Stockport Road | 12 November

If you're never happier than when dangling from a calisthenics rig with a bloody big weight tied to your waist, we have just the event for you. It's the Northern England regional heat of the first-ever BodyStrong UK One Rep Max calisthenics competition. Cali athletes can enter to demonstrate their strength in four exercises: the muscle up, the pull up, the dip, and the back squat. May the strongest Manc win. 10am-3pm. £40. 

Three People Wearing 24 Hour Run T Shirts
Who's taking part in the Manchester 24 Hour Run Against Homelessness? Image: Run Wild MCR

The Manchester 24-Hour Run Against Homelessness | 53Two, Watson Street | 16-17 November

First things first: you don't have to run for the full 24 hours. This fundraiser for the Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity is done in waves with runners and walkers joining for as many 5km laps as they like. It's organised by the University of Manchester's social run club Run Wild MCR and anyone can take part. Lots of Manchester running clubs have signed up to do their share of the laps including Ancoats Run Club, Belle Vue Racers, Keep On Keeping On, Manchester Road Runners and Chorlton Runners. 

Laps start and end at theatre/bar 53Two in the city centre and you can just turn up on the day (or night) if you like. All money raised goes to the A Bed Every Night scheme. 12pm-12pm. All donations welcome.

Yin Yoga At Whitworth Locke
A Thursday night out that'll aid your sleep rather than disrupt it Image: Bread Flower

Candlelit Yin Yoga | Whitworth Locke, Princess Street | 17 November

We love the sound of this cosy Thursday night out organised by cafe and florist Bread Flower and Thorlby Yoga. It's an hour-long relaxing yoga session followed by warming drinks and baked festive goods. They'll bring the blankets, you bring your fluffiest socks. 6.30pm-8.30pm. Also on 3 November and 15 December. £20. 

Actor Fidelis Olaniran In Pretend
Actor Fidelis Olaniran stars in Pretend - a Manchester-made mini series about mental health Image: Freshrb

Pretend film screening and Andy's Man Club talk| Arbeta, Newton Heath | 18 November

One for the guys, this is the premier of the pilot episode of a new mini-series, Pretend, about men's mental health. Head along to watch the interactive screening, meet the filmmakers Freshrb, and get involved in a discussion led by suicide prevention charity Andy's Man Club. It's near the Central Park Metrolink stop and they'll be serving popcorn and drinks. 6pm-8pm. Free, you just need to register. 

Girls Fell Running In Peak District
Team up with your running bestie for this three-hour dash around the Goyt Valley Image: Peak Raid3 / Explorer Events

Peak Raid3 Mini Mountain Marathon | Errwood Sailing Club, Goyt Valley | 20 November

Trail running meets orienteering in this three-hour stomp around the Peak District. The aim is to visit as many checkpoints as you can to collect points within the three-hour time limit. Whoever bags the most wins. It's part of a four-race series (the first two have already happened) but you can still get involved. You'll need navigation skills, a decent level of fitness and the right kit. Do it solo or as a pair. 12pm. £20.

Main image: European Breaking Championships 2022 - Dany Dann

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