0161 needs hundreds of short videos to create #MessageForFrontLine

Can you help 0161 Community? The local group has issued a call out asking the people of Manchester to submit short videos of thanks for ‘our frontline workers.’ Their plan is to launch a constant 24 hour video stream on their website this Sunday from midday. 

Film a message of support or thanks on your phone or computer

This is “so that no matter what time of day, whenever people finish a shift, whenever they get a break, they can see the support they have from the people” says Joe, founding member of 0161 Community. 

2020 03 02 0161 Banners
0161 Community have put banners up outside Wythenshawe Hospital, Stepping Hill, 999 switchboard offices and Salford district nurses offices

The community initiative who, through community art and sports classes all across Greater Manchester, ‘promote a strong, unified Mancunian working class identity,’ are calling for everyone to send videos of thanks to “NHS staff, health and social care workers, delivery workers, refuse services, supermarket staff, firefighters, transport workers and education staff.”  

This comes on the back of recent reports from bus workers in Manchester that companies are putting them at unnecessary risk of catching coronavirus through “dirty buses,” with one driver saying companies “aren't doing a proper job.”  Similarly, care workers across the country have been reporting a lack of personal protective equipment, saying they feel like “cannon fodder.” 

0161 Community has recently been showing appreciation for workers through banners put up across the boroughs at various hospitals and health facilities. The banners displayed phrases like; 'The people save the people. NHS staff you are our pride. 0161 Together,' and 'From the hospitals to the supermarkets. Care workers, binmen, hauliers, posties, delivery workers, scientists. You are Manchester’s heroes.'  

Speaking on the #MessageForFrontLine call out for videos, founding member of 0161 Joe said: People are putting their lives on the line to keep us fed, healthy and not short of anything. Getting your post delivered, clearing your bins, healing your friends and family, these workers are nothing short of heroes. The least we can do is show them that we the people and the community support them.

After the banners, we want to step it up so everyone can get involved. Now is the time to thank the amazing people keeping Manchester going, to let them know how much we appreciate all they’re doing.”

Guidelines for submitting your video:

1. On your own, with family or housemates, film a message of support or thanks on your phone or computer.

2. Film it landscape if possible.

3. Try and keep it under 30 seconds.

4. Email it to frontline@0161community.com or whatsapp to 07821569991

Examples can be found on the 0161 Community Facebook page

Connect with the 0161 Community Group on Facebook and Instagram and check out their website

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