Have one huge calorific blowout with mates or come back every month for a year

The trouble with Solita is deciding what to order. Do you go for the jumbo shrimp creole or just the deep fried dill pickles to leave room? Or both? Then it’s another conundrum: order classic Solita burger and still have room for a pizza fries upgrade or pick the Big Manc and never have room for anything else ever again. Decisions, decisions.

Sometimes a menu is just too good. All the beef is pure Wagyu so that doesn’t help either. Well, it helps the food taste amazing but it doesn’t help with the menu minefield.

2021 10 25 Solita 3

It’s quite a cool problem to have though – everything Solita serves is a solid-gold classic.

And if you win this competition, it’s not a problem you need to worry about. 

That’s because you could win the full menu. Everything on it. The lot. From the fried chicken and pancakes all day breakfast to the Solita banana split and all the mac ‘n’ cheese bites, burgers, dog and fries in between.

2021 10 25 Solita 4

You could treat yourself to a monthly Solita sesh, working your way through the menu bit by bit. Order a Clean Green burger in Veganuary, a Caesar salad on a hot June day and a chilli cheese dog when it’s cold out and you need some feelgood comfort food.

Or you could invite your mates and have one memorable food fest, an orgy of breakfast fry-ups, cheeseburger spring rolls, bacon double cheese burgers and oreo cheesecake. The full menu in one go. That’s something they’ll remember forever.

The only catch – you can only order each thing once.

Are you up for the full Solita experience?

The competition has ended.

End Date - 30th November 2021