Mini versions of the main menu designed to be shared

IF you've not tried Grafene's 'grafets' menu yet, you're missing out on one of Manchester's most interesting food experiences.

It's a collection of small plates distilled from the fine-dining dishes on the main menu. The skill and creativity that goes into each 'grafet' is impressive.

Head chef Ben Mounsey excels at creating whimsical, inspired dishes that surprise with their combination of flavours and textures. Try the sublime Manchester Rarebit and the nostalgic Cereal, Milk and Banana. The simple descriptions don't do justice to complexity of each dish.

You can enjoy the grafet menu every day for lunch and early evening tea. At weekends, they do a 'free-flowing grafets' offer which lets you eat as many small plates as you like within 90 minutes. 

In this competition, you can win 3 grafets and a cocktail each for two people at Grafene. To enter, make sure you're logged in then click the Enter The Competition button.