Plus £100 bar spend and foodie gifts

Eight weekend tickets to The Big Grill for you and your mates, £100 bar spend to divvy up between you, a chilli presentation goody box and a Brooklyn Lager presentation box – that’s quite a haul.

If you’re a meat monster, The Big Grill will get your carnivore’s juices flowing like a fountain.

Gird your gizzards for a gargantuan array of food wars including chicken wing battles, corn on the cob chomp-offs, hot dog heists and the deadly grim reaper chilli challenge. Greasy fingers are the fashion accessory du jour at this festival.

Chef Robert Owen Brown will be manning The Boneyard where he’ll roast The Beast – a whole moo cow on a spit. There’ll also be a Lord of the Flames competition to find the best of the UK’s Backyard BBQ Champs. Think tender meat cooked low and slow and festival attendees will get to scoff the lot.

The Big Grill is on Saturday 8 September and Sunday 9 September, bringing meat, music and mayhem to Castlefield Bowl and you could be part of it.

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End Date - 31st August 2018