The pacheri alla pescatrice is as sunkissed and slippery as it sounds

If you could distil summer in Italy into one simple pasta dish, this would be it. The pacheri alla pescatrice is the new signature dish at Cibo and it encapsulates everything we love about this cool Neapolitan-style cafe-restaurant on Liverpool Road.

It combines fresh pacheri pasta in a sweet tomato sauce with a hint of chilli, and beautiful salty chunks of monk fish and clams in their shells. Simple but elegant, it's a stunning, summery dish for lunch or dinner.

All the seafood at Cibo arrives fresh, not frozen, either that day or the day before, usually from Scotland, so you get it at its most tender and flavoursome.

The result is a dish you'll want to order again and again. If you'd like to win the pacheri alla pescatrice at Cibo for two people, with a glass of wine each, make sure you're logged in and click the Enter The Competition button below.