A roast dinner with that beautiful barbecue taste – this will make your weekend

WHERE there's smoke, there's gorgeously flavoursome food, as the saying goes. Everyone knows that meat and veg cooked over embers and flame has a wonderful smoky taste you don't get anywhere else. But when it comes to Sunday Lunch, how many of us would think to get the barbecue fired up and ready to go?

At Quarter House in the Northern Quarter, that's how they cook pretty much all their food, and their new Sunday Lunch is no exception. 

From Welsh lamb spiked with garlic and rosemary, to half yard bird Cheshire chicken with lemon, salt, garlic and thyme, they're all cooked on a specially designed rack to give them that magical barbecue taste.

The menu features five Fire Roast options which we've listed in all their mouthwatering glory below.

Quarter House Interior Sunday Roast

Fire Roast Sunday Lunch at Quarter House

(Sundays 12-7pm)

All served with buttered seasonal Charred greens, fire roasted root vegetables, cauliflower cheddar cheese bake, garlic and rosemary beef dripping roast potatoes, rich meat gravy and a Yorkshire pudding.

Roasted Butternut Squash £12.50

Charcoal roasted with a fragrant dust,

garlic roasted potatoes & rosemary gravy.

Aged Smoked Beef Brisket £15

Smoked for 12 hours, rubbed with mustard, rosemary, plenty of black pepper & Maldon salt.

Half Yard Bird £13

Free range Cheshire chicken, lemon, salt, garlic & thyme, as simple as that.

Shoulder of Lamb £15

Spectacular Welsh lamb, spiked with garlic & rosemary, a classic.

Pork Loin £14

Sourced from Quiet Waters Farm in Devon, free range loin of pork, served with a burnt sour apple puree.

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