Confidential holds a Q and A with head honcho and Boozy Boss Dave Baddeley

Who is Boozy? Well at Confidential, we all are. But that’s beside the point. We wanted to know where such a genius idea came from – cocktails to your door, we are here for that – and how we could make the most of our new drink on demand service. And yes, we do support drinking sensibly and so do Boozy.

We put the questions to lovely Dave Baddeley over a cocktail – of course.

What is Boozy?

The idea behind Boozy was initially to just sell freshly-made cocktails which could be ordered online and delivered in a short time period.

We offer a variety of classic and premium-style cocktails. They’re delivered in 225ml or 1litre containers along with mixers either incorporated or packaged separately depending on the cocktail.

We have expanded our range to incorporate other products such as beers, wines and spirits.

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Why did you decide to launch Boozy?

Boozy was born through lockdown essentially as something to do to stem the boredom. Two friends and I were making cocktails one night and after we had consumed a considerable amount, simply thought to ourselves; ‘I wonder if there is a market for cocktails being delivered?’

I made a call to a friend who owns a bar who kindly let me test the concept under his license and we launched within a week on Deliveroo.

Boozy was born back in February this year, although we were trading under a different name back then, ‘The Cocktail Couriers’.

We’ve made cocktails many times and not once have we thought of sending them to someone else’s house. It would be more of a prank call than a business opportunity if it were our ropy concoctions on the menu. Shows what happens when you’re handy with a shaker. Do you make the cocktails yourself?

Our experienced Boozy mixologists make the cocktails. They’ve all run their own bars both in the UK and abroad – and their experience in the hospitality sector has given them lots of inspiration.

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Tell us more about your signature cocktails.

The Dragonfruit Mojito is one of our most popular signature cocktails along with the Candyfloss Cosmopolitan. The Dragonfruit is also not a widely used fruit in cocktails, so we wanted to make something different which no one else was doing. It’s worked because people order it over and over again.

Our most popular cocktails have got to be our Porn Star Martini, our Espresso Martini and our Purple Rain.

20210825 Boozy Espresso

How long have you been interested in cocktails?

I’ve always had an interest in cocktail bars and nightlife-based businesses. I always thought I would enter the hospitality sector at some point, but I always thought it would be by opening a bar or event planning. I never thought it would be through alcohol delivery.

I used to London a lot and always enjoy seeking out hidden cocktail bars, one of my favourites is the Experimental Cocktail Club in Covent Garden.

My favourite cocktail has to be the Espresso Martini and also our, fresh, fruity Sangria. I also really like Purple Rain – it’s a popular one on our website.

It’s funny how being stuck in your house meant your future plans about opening a bar became bringing a bar to everyone’s homes. How can we recreate that ‘night out’ atmosphere at home? Any tips?

You can order some of our drinking games such as Shots Roulette and Prosecco Pong which always go well with our range of cocktails and bombs.

Do we need special glassware to drink your cocktails?

If you have special glassware – great – but it’s not required. They taste just as good in a simple tumbler. You don’t have to worry about ice either as we supply that with each order too.

Will you be adding any more cocktails to your repertoire? Are you taking reader suggestions?

Absolutely! We’re always looking for feedback to help us improve our products and service. In fact, we’re offering a 20% off coupon to anyone who completes this survey. Have a go and you’ll help us to make Boozy better for you. 

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