35 waterslides are just the start, a 'wellness resort' is coming to Manchester

Therme Manchester has released CGI images of how its huge indoor spa resort will look when it opens next to the Trafford Centre in 2025.

Alongside a multitude of waterslides (35 of them) and a "soft sandy beach with lapping waves", the domed structure will house 25 pools, 30 saunas and steam rooms, botanical gardens, a vertical farm with beehives, 1,500 biodiverse trees, an education centre for school and community groups, and a wellbeing spa. Plus it will have its own dedicated tram stop. Phew.

The Manchester resort will be the first Therme spa to open in the UK.

Therme is keen to stress that it's not just a waterpark; its aim is "to create an integrated experience to benefit physical and mental health". The press release says it will offer "water-based activities, fitness programming, attractions, wellbeing therapies, art and culture, botanics, food, and nutrition". 

Wave Therme Manchester CGI Wave Pool
An all-season beach with a swim-up pool bar Image: Therme Manchester

We've had a look at other Therme resorts on mainland Europe to see what that might look like. 

What to expect from Therme Manchester

At Therme Budapest, water activities on offer include a core workout in a mineral pool and a yoga-like hydro balance session. In the saunas, there are rituals throughout the day, such as prana breathing in the Himalayan Sauna and a salt ritual in the Rainforest Sauna. There also are various places to eat including a "fine-dining restaurant" and a swim-up pool bar. While at Therme Euskirchen in Germany, you can go on a fragrance journey, dive into the sports pool, and explore ten themed saunas. 

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Expect a multitude of waterslides catering for all ages and fear-levels Image: Therme Manchester

Back in Manchester, the resort was originally set to open this year but that's been put back. Therme is aiming to submit its revised plans to Trafford Council in the summer and construction of the development is scheduled to begin in 2023, with a build time of around two years.

Says Stelian Iacob, Senior Vice President of Therme Group and CEO of Therme Group UK, “Our commitment to bring Therme Manchester to the UK is as strong as ever. Expert independent studies have shown the hugely positive economic and social impact that Therme Manchester will have, helping to create jobs, economic prosperity and bringing health and wellbeing to the daily lives of millions of guests.”

Therme already has four resorts in Europe, and plans to open wellbeing resorts in Glasgow, London and Wales. The Manchester resort will be the first Therme to open in the UK. 

 Header image: Therme Manchester

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