Step inside, meet the team, glean their tips

WITH its famous feature chandelier, pretty in pastel pink soft furnishings, and white-and-golden treatment rooms, the House Of Evelyn salon on Manchester’s city-centre Spring Gardens (there’s another branch in Southport) is just gorgeous. 

Of course, the staff members are just as glittering as the glassware, and they were more than happy to give us a tour and tell us a bit about what they’re up to at the moment, and what they’re recommending to their customers treatment-wise. 

Get one of our 60-minute makeovers – you get your hair done, you get your make-up done, it’s a fuss…

Steph is one of the beauty therapists at House Of Evelyn and she says top of her list is the new CooLifting procedure, which has been described as a non-invasive, surgery-free, completely painless four-minute face lift. “It’s going to leave you looking radiant, flawless, lifted and exactly how you want your skin to be,” Steph tells us – apparently it’ll make you look 10 years younger. As for herself, her priorities have changed, and it’s all about relaxing: “I’m pregnant at the moment so mine would be to get the mother-to-be massage.”

Arron is also a fan of the massages. Part of the management team, he often goes for “a deep tissue massage – with us working quite a lot, we get quite tight, if you like, so it’s good to have a massage to loosen yourself up.” He also likes a “spray tan on a Friday so you’re ready for the weekend”, as does another of the hairdressing team, Mia. “My favourite treatment at House Of Evelyn to have is a spray tan, just because it gives you a really nice golden glow, and it looks like you’ve just got back off holiday – so nice,” says the graduate stylist. She loves working at House Of Evelyn because of the different clients and different things to do every day, and, for her customers, she says: “I recommend the NanoKeratin treatment because it’s a very nice treatment. It’s nice and smoothing for the hair.”


Level 3 hairdresser Jake also enjoys welcoming a variety of guests to the salon. “We have people of all works of life coming in here. I love hearing all their stories, it’s brilliant – I love it.” In fact, when asked “What do you love most about working at House Of Evelyn?”, the response was unanimous – the customers and the great team spirit. “I love everything about working at House Of Evelyn – everyone gets along and it’s dead bubbly in here,” said one of the beauty managers. 

“We’re like a big family… we all get on with each other – I love it!” was make-up artist, beautician, nail technician and microblading technician Amy’s answer. What’s her recommended treatment? “I love microblading – we get a lot of people who’ve had cancer, or alopecia, or been overplucking. Everyone wants big eyebrows.” Brows are big business at the moment, with lash lifts also popular, and perfect if you “want something to enhance”.

Lee is part of the management team, working with all the hairdressers, and he’s very much front of house at House Of Evelyn. His top tip at the moment, especially for a newbie? “The treatment I’d probably recommend to a customer coming here for the first time is to get one of our 60-minute makeovers – you get your hair done, you get your make-up done, it’s a fuss… my own favourite treatment is ANY because I never get anything done because I’m too busy!”

And for returning customers – what do they come back for time and again? “I guess people choose House Of Evelyn because of the difference we have here… we have different levels of different stylists, and each stylist understands the guest, so we actually sit down, we listen to the guest, we communicate with them… I think that’s what makes us different to any other salon around here… people walk in and go: ‘Oh, it’s beautiful, you have this massive chandelier, it looks amazing’, but then we’re also down to earth… we’re all a family.” 

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