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Work your magic in the kitchen

FANCY a fresh take on dining out? Book yourself and a friend or partner onto one of the Cooking Together classes that take place every week at Didsbury’s Food Sorcery school, and you’ll get to prepare a restaurant-inspired meal then sit down in the company of others to enjoy eating and socialising with an optional glass of wine.

The Friday night Cooking Together evenings suit absolute beginners to experienced home chefs, so everyone is catered for. The three-hour sessions are informal and inspirational – and a massive amount of fun, as we found out when we popped along recently. 

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So much fun to be had

First off, we were greeted with a warm welcome, glass of Prosecco and delicious canapes and immediately felt at home chatting with our other classmates. We had been emailed the menu beforehand so were ready to enjoy making a southern Indian inspired meal. All the ingredients were laid out for us, along with a selection of seasonings for us to flavour the dishes to our own taste. After a fun and inspiring demo by Chef we were ready to begin.

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Great quality ingredients laid out waiting

The kitchen was soon alive with the sound of knives chopping and spices sizzling, and the delicious smells soon had our tummies rumbling – what a treat when we sat down in front of the spread we’d created with our own fair hands! It’s true that you appreciate your meal more when you’re in charge of the effort that has gone into it.

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The first creation
Advertorial Ct Serving Food
Serving up the food
Cooking Together Table Eating At Food Sorcery
The food tastes so much better when you know the effort that has gone into making it

The sessions are a great way to spend time with friends and partners, chatting and relaxing (as well as learning and eating), making a great alternative to the usual restaurant experience. They’re also brilliant for groups or private parties where you can influence the menu. Tickets are sold in pairs at £110 for two people.

Find out more about Cooking Together here