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Watch their fresh take on these classic Chinese dishes

IF your eyes automatically skim over the predictable dishes that appear without fail on every menu, these videos might make you think again. 

At Yu Alderley Edge, it's the 'classics' that let their chefs show the difference between their style of cooking and that found in your average Chinese restaurant. 

Ingredient quality is important here: they use fresh rather than frozen meat and seafood, and vegetables come from local suppliers where possible. They don't use MSG, and avoid over-using oil when cooking. It's healthier and more nutritious than a typical Chinese restaurant meal – this is the kind of food you can eat without feeling bloated (and regretful) afterwards. 

In the videos, see how they take two classic Chinese dishes: lobster, ginger and spring onion, and sweet and sour chicken, and make them their own – with fast, fresh cooking, premium ingredients and more than a touch of flair.

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