Gordo wants to know: 'Are you a mug or a Manc?'

In 2017, Gordo went on a big rant about Manchester Christmas Markets and why he thought they were rubbish. Some readers agreed and said the markets were a rip-off. Others thought he was a right miserable old bah-humbugger who overlooked the wider economic benefits.

According to Manchester City Council, up to nine million people visit Manchester Christmas Markets (hold on... that's 13% of the UK population? Surely not.) each year, contributing £90m to the local economy, plus a juicy wedge into the council coffers through pitch fees.

However, the markets' detractors, including Gordo, contest such spurious numbers, saying the concentration of spend in the markets with traders from outside Manchester damage local businesses at a crucial time in the year. And that much of the spend is going towards inferior products - whether they be trinkets landed in their container load from China or sub-par beer and sausages from the continent.

So we wrapped Gordo up nice and warm, gave him some cash and sent him into the fray to see if he might get into the spirit and change his mind. He didn't. Watch above.

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"Are you a mug or a Manc?"