Wood opens WOOD in First Street this month - Gordo gives him a grilling

AFTER winning MasterChef in 2015 Manchester's Simon Wood said, “My dream is to make a living doing something that I love: cooking. And hopefully give people a great memory and experience along the way.”

In a few weeks time, that dream will (finger's crossed) be realised. Simon opens his first restaurant, WOOD Manchester, on First Street on 31 August. And there's a lot of people eager to see what he's created (ourselves included).

You can book your table now here: http://www.woodmanchester.com/

We'll be in there tasting the food as soon as we can. But for now, we settled for an interview with Simon in his sparkling new restaurant kitchen.

Watch the video above to see what happened when Gordo met Simon Wood:

20170817 Wood Pigeon01