For mezze made in heaven, head to this new restaurant in Hale

“It's all about grains, it's all about herbs, it's all about freshness.” Managing Director of Karam, Achmad Fathalla, is describing the defining features of their Levantine food but we keep getting distracted by the beautiful array of dishes coming out of the kitchen.

 Freshly-made falafel drizzled with tahini dip. A fruity-spicy chicken tagine in the pot. Home-made hummus with beads of pomegranate and warm Lebanese bread. We want to eat it all, even though we've had lunch already.

Karam is that kind of restaurant – one where you want to order everything on the menu all on one visit. And the good thing about Lebanese food is that much of it is designed to share, family-style, around the table, so ordering lots of dishes is encouraged.

 At Karam, they want to create an authentic atmosphere to go alongside their authentic cooking. It's why they brought all their furnishings over from the Middle East, and head-hunted a top Lebanese chef, Mohamed Aqeed, who has cooked for royalty to create the menu.

 We stopped ourselves from devouring his cooking until we'd filmed it for you. Watch the video then book a table. You won't be disappointed.

Find Karam at 183 Ashley Rd, Hale, Altrincham WA15 9SD or click here to find out more.