Our recent Twitter polls have certainly stirred up some passion in you lot. The last one, which asked you to decide Manchester’s favourite Italian restaurant, caused more excitement and treacherous turns than the bi-annual Palio bareback horse race in Siena. At the finishing post Piccolino just pipped Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant.

Every day we'll post four new terraces, you pick your favourite and the winner moves on to the next round

This time we’re turning to the terraces, so where is your favourite place in the city centre to bask with a beer and sip in the sun? To jog your sun-addled memory, take a look at our comprehensive list of The Best Outdoor Drinking Spots.

If you prefer a Corona outside the Corn Exchange, a cheap shandy in Shambles Square or a brew with a view over at Manchester House we want to know about it. Over the coming weeks we'll be having a series of Twitter vote-offs shining a spotlight on the city's most popular sunspots.

Every day we'll post four new terraces, you pick your favourite and the winner moves on to the next round until we arrive at YOUR favourite of the lot. The winner gets a nice warm glow without the need for one of those scorching outdoor heaters and an award to plonk on the bar.

So get involved via our Twitter stream and let your favourite terrace shine. Be quick as each poll will only last a few hours, you’ve got to be in it to make sure they win it.


Round 1: Results - 169 votes, The Oast House 73%, Brewdog 12%, Home Sweet Home 7%, Terrace NQ 8%


Round 2: Results - 205 votes, Atlas 13% El Gato Negro 28% Manchester House 25% TNQ 34%


Round 3: Results - Votes 251, Barca 20% Great John St Hotel 24% Mr Thomas' Chop House 33% Sinclair's Oyster Bar 23%


Round 4: Results - Votes 255, Duke's 92 58%, Home 7%, RBG 30%, Zouk 5%


Round 5: Results - Votes 130, Corn Exchange 23%, Iberica 16%, The Lawn Club 43%,The White Lion 18%


Round 6: ResultsVotes 184, Black Dog NWS 19%, Rain Bar 36%, Dockyard 28%, Alchemist 17%


Round 7: Resutls - Votes 208, Briton's Protection 20%, Hanging Ditch 31%, Rosylee 12%, The Wharf 37%


Round 8: Results - Votes 323, Australasia 47%, Carluccio's 7%, Piccolino 35%, Canal Street 11%


Quarter Final 1: Results - 147 votes, The Oast House 72%, TNQ Restaurant 28%

Quarter Final 2: Results - 178 votes, Mr Thomas's Chop House 43%, Dukes 57%

Quarter Final 3: Results - 214 votes, The Lawn Club 35%, Rain Bar 65%

Quarter Final 4: Results - 231 votes, The Wharf 48%, Australasia 52%


Semi Final 1: Results - 277 votes, The Oast House 42%, Dukes 58%

Semi Final 2: Results - 638 votes, Rain Bar 51%, Australasia 49%


Final: Results - 558 votes, Rain Bar 57%, Dukes 43%


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