We talk everyday festival fashion, body confidence and drag queens with henna artist Hina Ansari

Do the clothes really make the (wo)man? As part of our Body Project, we're meeting Manchester's most unique style characters to discuss the art of personal style, inner and outer expression and body confidence.

"One guy said I looked liked an acid trip... but that's exactly what I was going for. So thank you," laughs psychedelically colourful Hina Ansari, a professional henna artist and clothing line owner.

Whether it was meant as an insult or compliment, it's certainly an accurate description. Hina Ansari - on this occasion wearing tie-dye dungarees, stick on shiny freckles and a reflective bikini - is as zany as any acid-fuelled episode. Hence the moniker 'Rainbow Alien'. 

Hina Ansari: professional henna artist, clothing line owner and 'rainbow alien'

Fittingly, Ansari's personality is as high octane as her outfits and she'll happily wax lyrical about the universe, positive energy and karma. But does she always feel that way? And did she just wake up one morning with unicorn hair and a neon coloured wardrobe?

For this episode of The Body Project, we ask if it's really so gold at the end of Hina's rainbow.

Watch the full video above.

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