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Dance floor gems from all decades & genres: Emily Redding finds her favourite new club night

YOU know those evenings you’re torn between staying in and going out? Whenever that happens to our group of friends, we usually end up deciding on the latter about 10pm and making a panicky decision about where to go. Naturally, we need somewhere a hastily-put-together outfit doesn’t matter and where we know that sacrificing a night binge-watching Netflix in bed will be worth it.

So long Netflix, I think I’ve found a new weekend fix

Enter Mint Lounge, a recent Friday night venture which beat watching an entire series of Stranger Things hands down. And that’s saying something.

When we arrived just before eleven, the party was already in full swing. It turned out that both Manchester University’s medical students and hockey team were out celebrating - meaning both rooms were filled with cheery students in various stages of fancy dress. The result was a profusion of neon and eighties US sportswear: a slight shock to the system at first but, ultimately, it just made the night more fun.

20170306 Mint Totpimg 5721

First stop was the bar, which we found busy but efficient; stocking pretty much anything you could want to drink on a night out. Our advice? Instead of dancing in the bar area, venture beyond the curtain - it’s there you’ll find the real party, as a DJ played some of the best-loved hits in pop history. Jump for my Love came on as we entered, cue much jumping, while We Will Rock You provoked foot-stamping and air-punching in equal measure. Even tracks like Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go went down well. Have you ever seen a load of drunken students attempting to jive? It’s not a sight you’ll forget in a hurry...

20170306 Mint Totpimg 5716

Unlike most clubs I’ve been to, I wasn’t flagging at 1am, bored and wanting a change of scene (i.e. bed). Neither were the others. It was easily 2.30 or 3am before we finally tottered out with the intention of fresh air and fell into a taxi, still singing and laughing.

Next weekend we’ll be trying Funkademia, Mint Lounge’s Saturday special (also Manchester’s longest-running club night).

So long Netflix, I think I’ve found a new weekend fix.

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