Pigs in blankets dunked in a four-cheese fondue. Dream or reality?

WHOEVER decided that pigs in blankets are a 'Christmas thing' has a soul as dark as hell. One of the tastiest foods known to humankind – and we're only supposed to eat it one day a year?

No. We reject this notion. And so do the folks over at Bock. Not only are they serving Pigs in Blankets All Year Round (#PIBAYR) but they're dipping them in a four-cheese fondue while they're at it.

The Pigs in Blanket Fondue was created for Christmas but turned out to be so frikkin delicious, they're keeping it on the menu for the foreseeable.

Essentially, it's a platter of pigs in blankets – so salty, so sausagey – alongside potato rosti, fresh veg, and warm bread – all sized just right for skewering and dunking. The fondue pot is filled with their rich, creamy four-cheese sauce, and can you imagine what that might taste like?

Dream it then experience it for real. The PIB Fondue is available at Bock on Tib Lane for £25. Go halves or thirds with friends if you've got the self-control to share.

Find Bock at 10 Tib Ln, Manchester M2 4JB

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