HAVE you ever wondered why you are sometimes drawn to the unhealthiest choices even when you know you want to become healthier? 

It may feel like a magnet pulling you towards what you know you don’t feel good doing. I feel it’s because your soul has asked for you to learn about a specific health condition – physical or emotional.

When you acknowledge what’s going on at a core level, you will gravitate towards healing as if a magic wand has been waved over you.

By trusting your body to tell you when you need something specific and letting your soul take control, you will be guided without having to mentally work it out: a refreshing concept if you can just let go of the mind taking control.

I have heard that we can crave our poison.

We can know what we need to heal ourselves but applying it is just not possible unless we’re ready. For instance, if you’re drawn to foods that give you arthritis, then it will be something about that condition on an emotional level that you need to address. Or you might get cravings for sugar, which could cause your teeth to decay, provoke symptoms of asthma in someone else, and bring on headaches in another. I believe that every physical ailment stems from an emotional issue that we need to acknowledge and heal when the time is right.

It could also be a person, job or situation that will manifest such symptoms to get your attention. Your body will always be trying to tell you something.

Recognise your body's warning signsWhen you acknowledge what’s going on at a core level, you will gravitate towards healing as if a magic wand has been waved over you. I was watching an episode of the Simpsons once, and Homer Simpson was driving his car when he noticed a warning light had come on. He said his usual ‘Doh!’ and then voiced that he had no time to deal with it so stuck a plaster over it. When the car broke down, he seemed surprised. To me, that is what most people do when they get a warning from their body. Does this sound familiar?

Your body is trying to communicate something and you just have no time to look into it. Maybe you take some medication to suppress it. Then maybe an illness comes and takes you unawares. It isn’t that this is a bad thing. It’s something that just ‘is’.

I believe that we are meant to experience what we need to experience, to learn what we need to learn, and to remember who we truly are. We are not meant to live text-book lives. If there was no need to learn and experience anything, it would be like living as robots.

You could focus on how you want to feel, i.e. more energised, happier, healthier, lighter etc. (to do all you need and want to do), and be aware why you are making the changes to improve your health and life. You may find you are guided to foods and ways that encourage this.

By knowing and focusing on what it is you want (such as having a slim body, and feeling vibrant) rather than what you do not want (for example, feeling tired, being overweight and drinking too much alcohol), the universe will move you towards what is in your conscious mind and what you are focusing on.

"We can crave our poison."

If you are finding it difficult to focus consciously on what you want, then you could try looking for pictures in magazines that represent this. Such pictures might be someone looking healthy, vibrant, slim and energetic. It helps to bring the feeling to you, which can bring magical results. You will then seem to gravitate towards the things that will lead you to this positive feeling.

You may get a call from a friend saying ‘Do you fancy going for a walk at the weekend?’, or you might come across a health book that has some suggestions to eat a certain food, or to do a certain activity. You may find a course, workshop or seminar that will lead you to hearing about something you need to incorporate into your life right now.

As you start living more in the now, you won’t need to focus on what you want, intend what you want or say affirmations, as you will develop an inner knowing to take inspired action, so bringing miracles into your life effortlessly. You will naturally trust that outcomes will be for your highest good without having to work at it.

If you try to give anything up, you will want it even more. By not denying yourself what you want and initially keeping the focus on how you want to feel, these are the stages you could go through:

Julie SilverJulie Silver1. Focus on how you want to feel.

2. As you are about to eat or drink something, mentally ask your body, ‘Do you want this?’ If you are enjoying it, then carry on and savour it.

3. You may notice you are not enjoying it and still carry on until you want to stop.

4. You then stop as you really don’t want it any more.

5. You forget all about the food or drink, and realise after a while you’ve not actually had it or wanted it.

Julie Silver is a qualified nutritional therapist with extensive knowledge in the health and wellness field. Julie works as a transformation coach – incorporating nutrition, natural health and stress management. For more information about Julie please visit www.juliesilver.co.uk