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£8 bottle of house wine: time-travel drinks prices on New Wakefield Street

THE Font knows what we want at 4pm on a Friday, and it's not the first tram home. 

Their Friday Club is three hours of drinks dealsfrom 4pm-7pm with great food and a weekend-starts-here vibe. 

House wine is a £8 a bottle. A pint of Hogans Original Cider or Flensburger Lager is £3. A double G&T is £5. And selected cocktails are half price (that's £2.50-£3 each). 

These range from the classics (Mojito, G&T, Long Island, Zombie) to the wacky (Mermaid Lemonade and Unicorn Juice). 

That last one is a heady combination of white rum, strawberry, bubblegum, passionfruit, lemon, pineapple, lemonade, blue curacao, rainbows and glitter. If you've been wearing a suit and acting sensible all week, this is your antidote.

There's also plenty of home-made eats available too. (It's the sensible thing to do, folks). Their chefs cook up gourmet burgers from £7 including fries, Kool Aid pickle and coleslaw. Or nibble on loaded fries or nachos from £5. 

Take a look at the full food menu.

The Friday Club runs from 4pm to 7pm every Friday at Font Manchester, New Wakefield Street, just off Oxford Road. 

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