UP Fitness brings its body transformation programmes to Alderley Edge

WHEN you hear the words 'world-class personal training facility' you expect it to be followed by a big city location such as Los Angeles, London, or Dubai.

But UP Fitness, which has gyms in all these places already (as well as in our own Manchester), chose somewhere a little less central for their most recent opening.

UP Cheshire, which launched last year, is situated in Alderley Edge in the heart of rural Cheshire. This was the first time UP Fitness had opened in a countryside location. And it has proved very popular with people who want to access their results-focused training without having to travel into the city centre.

Mark Bohannon, Head of UP North, said, “What we created in Alderley is truly unique, bringing to the village our world-class personal trainers, state-of-the-art training facilities and outstanding body transformation programme that we have built our global reputation on.”

Fast, sustainable results

If you live in or near Alderley Edge, the facility is the perfect place to train to get results. UP Cheshire offers private, one-to-one personal training with the world's leading personal trainers and body transformation experts. And their goal is to get you in the best possible shape in the shortest possible time.

No sign-up fee offer

Right now UP Cheshire has a 'no sign-up fee' offer that's ideal if you want to get in shape for Christmas, or get signed up ready for the New Year.

The offer can be redeemed by here and by quoting Manchester Confidential between now and 25 December 2019.

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Right now they have a 'no sign-up fee' offer that's ideal if you want to get in shape for Christmas, or get signed up ready for the New Year.

Want to know what you can expect to achieve at UP Cheshire? Read the real life stories below. 

David (age 34)

Product manager David was committed to achieving a lean, muscular physique, but years of training in other gyms only took him to a certain point.

He decided to commit to something more intense in the hope of achieving his goal. Ultimate Performance Cheshire’s body transformation programme was the perfect fit.

Starting the UP programme and getting a bespoke diet and training programme really made the difference. His end-of-transformation photoshoot showed results that went far beyond his original goals.

He halved his body fat and lost 5kg to get the muscle definition and body shape he always wanted.

Said David, “I am just a normal person. I have got a nine-to-five job, but when I see my before and after pictures side by side it looks like something from a Men’s Fitness magazine. It wouldn’t have been possible without the personalised training at UP.”

David Ultimate Performance Cheshire Personal Training

Corrie (age 40)

After suffering a serious back injury, Corrie lost her confidence to exercise and consequently gained a lot of weight.

Her goals were to get down to eleven stone (a weight she hadn't been for 20 years). And to overcome her injury and learn how to exercise confidently and safely again.

She started working with a personal trainer at Ultimate Performance Cheshire. Just 14 weeks and 28 sessions later, she had lost 20.5kg (3st) and had overcome her history of back pain.

The knock-on effect has been higher returns in her business, being a more active mum to her children, and being able to push herself hard in the gym for the first time.

Said Corrie, “It has been a life-changing experience for me. I feel like me but a happier, fitter and mentally stronger me. My back is in great shape, I am much stronger, and no longer see my previous back history as an obstacle.”

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