We're self-isolating and need some escapism, so get stuck into these…

When it comes to TV shows, our digital sales manager Lucy considers herself something of an expert - and that’s putting it mildly. Every day she comes up with a show she recommends one of us would love, and she's usually spot on. Having scoured all the dark corners of Prime and Netflix to find the best shows, here she presents her ultimate list of favourites - because sharing is caring. Whether you’re self-isolating or just need some escapism, get stuck in. 

On Netflix… 


Do you really need me to tell you what this is about? I can usually binge the whole ten seasons in about a week, but a normal person may need longer. Have it on in the background, just don’t let the laugh-track get to you.


Matt LeBlanc, playing Matt LeBlanc. Two Brits end up writing a TV show in LA after their British series becomes a huge success. Once the American network gets involved, it all goes tits-up. Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig… Genuinely laugh-out-loud funny.


Penn Badgley playing a really creepy stalker, which some think makes him loveable? Anyway there are two seasons of this, so plenty to sink your teeth into. Although it might remind you whilst you’re walking around at home all day to shut your blinds once in a while…


This is based on a comic-book and is really terrible but addictive - you know the type. There are four seasons out on Netflix… try not to cringe too hard (KJ Apa’s abs really make up for the truly awful storylines.)


Originally cancelled by Fox and then picked up by NBC and put on Netflix… Andy Samberg and Terry Crews as police officers. That’s it really. There’s also a corgi called Cheddar (I won’t lie, that’s what drew me into it in the first place.)


I’ve watched this so many times, it’s become a running joke. I can practically read you the script at this point. Mother and daughter duo who are also best friends. It’s a lot of talking really fast, coffee, fast food and more coffee.


Nine seasons! So easy to watch and soooo many episodes. If you’ve enjoyed Friends, you’ll definitely get into this one. Just don’t think about the last episode too much… 


Kristen Bell dies and goes to Heaven aka The Good Place… Ted Danson is there. That’s all you need to know.


This is a Spanish drama so, unless you speak really good Spanish, you need to sit down and really watch this without distraction. Watch it with subtitles, don’t ruin it with the English voice-overs. A group of criminals break into the Royal Mint of Spain. It’s brilliant, nail-biting drama. 


Set in Manchester - do you need another reason? Just try not to focus on the fact that they could be walking through St Ann’s Square and turn the street… only to end up in Stockport.

Amazon Prime…


Okay, so Cara Delevingne is definitely not the world’s greatest actor… but Orlando Bloom does get naked a couple times. There’s only one season, but it’s definitely an easy one to get into if you like Victorian-era fashion, fantasy, magic and fairies (and Orlando Bloom naked.)


Made by the creators of the Gilmore Girls… clearly I was going to enjoy this one anyway. In the 1960s (so the clothes are incredible), a Jewish housewife decides to become a stand-up comic. There are three seasons to get stuck into. 


Gore, gore, and more gore. If you manage to get past the first brutal scene, you can make it through season one… hang in there. And don’t eat ANYTHING while watching (trust me.)


Based on the novel by Philip K Dick, this starts after World War II has ended, the Germans won the war and the USA is split in half: one side ruled by the Germans and one by the Japanese. Terrifying and realistic in equal measure.


Another book-based show. If you’ve read any Terry Pratchett, you know what to expect; this is totally ridiculous and utterly brilliant. Armageddon is coming and an angel, a demon and the Antichrist have to save us all. We could probably do with their help right now…


Zombies, the end of the world. Are we being too on-the-nose here? Although Amazon does actually have all the way up to season eight, this stops being as good after season five. It’ll take you long enough to get there, so feel free to give up after that. Plenty of guts, gore, guns, knives and splattered brains naturally.


What have you been doing with your life if you haven’t watched this already? And if you have watched it, you know you’re more than capable of binging this again. Amy Poehler runs the Parks & Rec department. Nothing ever happens, nothing ever gets done. And it’s a totally realistic portrayal of local government.


Actually laugh-out-loud funny in parts. Eight seasons. I’ve watched it three times, and I don’t regret my decisions. Two guys become Private Detectives in Santa Barbara for the police department, one of them pretends to be psychic. It’s ridiculous. I’m not even sure how they made eight seasons of this. Watch it.

Anything we’ve missed out? Let us know and we’ll think about adding it to the list…

Main image: The Stranger © Netflix

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