Quick, convenient and pain-free

The Laser Club is the smart choice for hair removal.

 Our medical-grade laser machines use triple diode technology to make unwanted hair disappear fast and with clever ice-cool systems, you’ll barely feel a thing.

 We recommend six sessions but you will see results after just one visit. Why throw away money and time on booking waxing appointments over and over when you can book a series of sessions at Laser Club and enjoy smooth strokable skin all the time? There’s no stubble, no razor rash, no problem.

 What’s more, laser hair removal is suitable for anyone, irrespective of gender, skin type or hair type. 

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Right now, we’re offering Confidential readers a personal and exclusive one-off discount on our full body package. Normally £1250 for six sessions, you can book for just £795 saving an incredible £455. That includes all leg hair, underarms and Brazilian or Hollywood gone, just like that. Clients report 60% - 70% of hair zapped after just two sessions. 

 The Laser Club is quick and convenient. Small areas can be done in under 10 minutes whilst the full works takes little over an hour. 

 Add to that a handy location just outside the city centre on Chester Road in Boombae Super-salon as well as free parking, and The Laser Club is looking like the best way to go hair-free and carefree.

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Find The Laser Club at Boombae, 480 Chester Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 9HE or click here to find out more.