Discover a modern, unpretentious way to but art with Manchester Art Fair

Manchester Art Fair returns to Manchester Central with The Manchester Contemporary on 17-19 November 2023. 

Tickets are available now  priced at £10 for a weekend ticket or £25 for the preview night but you can get free tickets with Manchester Confidential. 

The ever popular art fair for the North is a uniquely diverse mix of acclaimed galleries and independent artists, with a rich programme of artist talks, panel discussions, performances and installations.

“When we launched Manchester Art Fair 15 years ago we set out to do something different and have produced an event that blurs the boundaries between the traditional and the contemporary, creating a friendly and unpretentious Northern art-buying experience,” said managing director Sophie Helm.

Now is the time to plan ahead and create your very own art wish list using their new easy-to-use online feature. To get you started, we asked fair director Sophie to share some of her own wishlist.

Immerse yourself in art on 17-19 November 2023 at Manchester Central.

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Dawn by Janet Kenyon

Janet Kenyon is a multi-award winning watercolour artist, winner of the prestigious Sunday Times/Smith & Williamson Cityscape Prize. She is a regular at Manchester Art Fair showcasing her own work as well as that of other Northern based artists 

2023 10 31 Janet Kenyon Dawn

Bluebird Bay by Belle Andrews

Belle is a Shropshire born and bred artist whose work involves building up and scraping back layers of paint to explore colour and texture.  She wants to draw the viewers eye in to see another world where nobody views the same thing.  

2023 10 31 Belle Andrews Bluebird Bay

Luna by Lexi Lane

Lexi specialises in underwater photography creating ethereal underwater scenes in some of the most unique and pristine locations around the globe. She trained in the art of free diving so she can take all her pictures in one breath.

2023 10 31 Lexi Lane Luna

A Glass Act by Mark Petty

Mark’s work focuses on reverse hand-pulled screen prints onto glass with gold gilding with hand painting & hand applied diamond dust/gold leaf featuring heavily. His art is steeped in contemporary pop art and saturated by the culture we live in. Always work-in-progress.

2023 10 31 Mark Petty A Glass Act

Viva la Vida (2023) by Olivier Matuti with Demif Gallery

Exhibiting for the first time, Demif Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of Contemporary African art, nurturing its growth, and celebrating its vibrant spirit. Olivier’s work is aesthetically African-inspired and is characterised by a great variety of bright colours.

2023 10 31 Demif Gallery Olivier Matuti

Draumalandið - Wonderland Vision II Ljós by Kristjana S Williams

Icelandic born artist Kristjana S Williams’ designs are inspired by nature, and her technique involves digitally and physically layering nature upon nature to mirror the symmetry that exists in all living things.  Each piece is its own magical universe of exotic botanicals and vibrant animals. Don’t miss her amazing piece in the Collectors’ Lounge

2023 10 31 Draumalandiะ Wonderland Vision Ii LjขS

Light and the Half Light by Kirsten Elswood with Hatch Gallery

Hatch specialises in British contemporary art, sculpture and ceramics by nationally known and Dorset based artists. Kirsten makes work that respond to the immediate experience and memory of ‘place’ with inspirations from the rugged coast and moorland of the Penwith Peninsula and her childhood in Devon.

2023 10 31 Light And The Half Light By Kirsten Elswood With Hatch Gallery

Flum Flum Trees by Rachael Addis

Based at Rogue Artist Studios in Manchester, Rachael is a contemporary painter whose formative years spent between the Lake District and Asia remain a key influence on her artistic processes, chosen pigments and overall aesthetic. 

2023 10 31 Rachael Addis Flum Flum Trees

It started like any other recreational activity, I guess by Helen Dryden with The Art Court

The Art Court is an artist collective dedicated to promoting a welcoming and accessible culture of art collecting in the North of England. Helen creates in an expressive and instinctual way, combining objects, people and scenarios, both real and imagined following her wide-ranging interests including pop culture, folk horror, nature, science fiction, family, and everyday objects.

2023 10 31 Art Court It Started Like Any Other Recreational Activity I Guess Helen Dryden 2022

Composition V by Darko Taleski with MASA-UK Art Gallery

MASA-UK Art Gallery is a small, family-owned, independent art gallery from Bury and a regular at Manchester Art Fair. Darko takes his inspiration wherever and whenever it hits him and then he transforms it into an art piece as fast as it comes. 

2023 10 31 Masa Uk Gallery Composotion V Darko Taleski