Week 21: in which a city rallies together... and gets inked

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Devastation and the return to ‘normality’

Following the devastating events this week, Sleuth has found strength in the resilience and compassion shown by the people of Manchester, but also in their desire to rally together, pull through and return to some form of ‘normality’. Take this example from Twitter user @Hunterandrewss…

Woman uses St Ann’s Church as a mirror

It’s been curious this week, following the awful events on Monday, to observe the odd habits of the media at work. This presenter took the biscuit, having her make-up applied on the graves of St Ann’s churchyard, staring at the church wall an arm's length away. 

170526 Sleuth Full Size Render

Man interviews plinth

Such was the media scramble this week - with desperate journos seeking any testimony or talking head to stick on their broadcasts - that Sleuth found Confidential’s editor-at-large, Jonathan Schofield, in Albert Square and at a loss. The vigil had moved onto St Ann’s Square and, with nobody around to interview, Schofield had resorted to interviewing the plinth of the statue of banker and philanthropist Oliver Heywood.

170226 Jonathan Schofield Interviews Statue
"I found it rather base", said Schofield later.

Umezushi moves out

Sleuth was in Umezushi the other week and loved it. Here’s a picture of some of the nosh. The atrocity on Monday meant a cordon was put around the Arena, which led to Umezushi being forced to close. So, in an alliance cast across the Sea of Japan, China and Japan are to team up, with Umezushi staging a pop-up in the venerable Yang Sing restaurant on Princess Street from Friday 26 May to Sunday 28 May. Another example of how in these dark times people in this city are working together. 

170526 Sleuth Img 0253
Lovely Umezushi nosh

Randall moves in

Sleuth was at the Manchester launch of famed Soho Anglo-French seafood restaurant and oyster bar, Randall & Aubin, on Thursday. Very impressive it was too, from the handsome fit-out and open, street-facing kitchen to the English rock oysters and char-grilled Cornish squid. Though what impressed Sleuth most were the staff, particularly this jolly little maître d’, who was very switched on indeed.

170526 Sleuth Randall Aubin

Sleuth’s driver of the week

Well done to this driver for mistaking rail tracks leading to a platform as the Queen’s highway. Sleuth feels the picture looks like something from Harry Hill’s TV Burp. “Car. Tram. Which is better? There’s only one way to find out. Fight!!!!!”

170526 Sleuth Img 0053

Sleuth’s ghost of the week

This appeared high on a wall in Manchester Town Hall last weekend. It’s clearly a spooky face from one of the undead that haunt the Town Hall. Whether it’s the face of Sir Richard Leese, Councillor Pat Karney, or Councillor John Leech is open to debate. Or maybe it’s Gary Neville saying, “Wooohooh grant me permission for my St Michael’s Towers, or I will haunt you foreveeeeeeeeer.”

170522 Town Hall Ghost

Horses search for party

At the end of a truly horrendous week for the emergency services, Sleuth found these two police horses in the city centre wanting to let their manes down and looking for the Warehouse Project.

Sleuth’s post bomb fundraiser of the week

Sleuth loves this charitable gesture from the tattooists of the city. Manchester Tattoo Appeal takes place this Sunday and Monday and will see artists tattooing Manchester bees for £50, which will then be put towards the We Love Manchester charity appeal for the victims. Sweet as honey this one. 

170525 Manchester Bee Tattoos Terror Attack Arena
'That'll be £350, sir'

Sleuth's police call-out of the week

Can you imagine, after the week we've had, calling this one in?