The pineapple pale ale kicks off the new ‘Brewer Series’

It appears to have been bring your own ideas to work day at SEVEN BRO7HERS recently if their latest beer line-up is anything to go by. 

The Manchester-based craft brewery’s new range of beers arrives with an especially personal touch as they’ve invited three members of their Salford brewery’s in-house team to design a new beer from scratch. No pressure then, team. The range includes three, “experimental and quirky” beers that have been made to challenge conventional beer flavours and attempt to get drinkers out of their respective beer drinking box comfort zones.

For this beer I wanted to make something smooth, sweet, and super easy drinking

Push pineapple, don't shake the can

The brewery’s first beer in the series comes in the form of a 5% ABV Pineapple pale ale, which unsurprisingly, will be fruity. Very fruity for that matter. Do we want to try it? Yes we a-ga-do.

Crafted by head brewer Jack Dixon, the tropical fruited pale will pack a juicy punch, appealing to drinkers who enjoy light, fresh beers and as well as current fans of the brewery’s own Juicy IPA and Amber Lager.

The infusion of pineapple puree as well as the addition of dry hops intensifies the flavour of the beer, making it a great option for roasting hot days when the fan has packed in and the roads are melting. A timely coincidence? We think not.

A Can Of Seven Brothers Pineapple Pale Ale As Part Of The Manchester Brewerys Limited Edition Summer Series
Does this count as one of our five a day?

Speaking about the inspiration behind the beer, head brewer Jack Dixon said:

“For this beer I wanted to make something smooth, sweet, and super easy drinking. Combining puree and Bru-1 hops really brings out that fruity pineapple flavour. It’s soft and crushable, at a fairly ‘sessionable’ ABV so I’m definitely looking forward to a few pints of it in the sun.”

Head Brewer Jack Dixon From Manchesters 7 Brothers Brewery Stood In The Salford Brewery Space
SEVEN BRO7HERS head brewer Jack Dixon

Jack’s near four years working at SEVEN BRO7HERS Brewing Co has seen him involved in some of the brewery’s more imaginative beers including the recent anniversary 7 Series, Throwaway IPA (made from upcycled cereal bars) and the Honeycomb Pale Ale which won gold at The European Beer Challenge 2021.

Never ones to shy away from creative flavours, previous beers have also included a Watermelon Wheat Beer, a Passion Fruit Pale and a Raspberry Ripple Red IPA. More recently the brewery has collaborated with Salford Pride on a beer that celebrates the latter’s 10th anniversary. The 3.8% Salford Pride Pale Ale will see 25p donated to Salford Pride for every can sold.

The Pineapple Pale Ale  is exclusively available in 440ml cans (£4 each) from the SEVEN BRO7HERS webshop.

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