The perfect tipple for your teetotal mates

As the eve of dry Jan is upon us and we’re already regretting that extra glass of Asti during the Queen’s speech, an alcohol-free option sounds, dare we say it, dreamy. If said alcohol-free option also happens to be from a Salford-based local and tastes like the real deal, then we’re onto a winner.

Delivering on alcohol-free without compromising on the taste is a challenge

With many people choosing to spend the first 31 days of the year sober, and with others just preferring to wake up feeling fresh and smug, Seven Bro7hers latest release is promised to be “the perfect beer to sup away without the hangover”. As Keith McAvoy, the genius behind Seven Bro7hers, emphasises, the Salford-based biz is “often asked for low or alcohol-free beers”, meaning this new release is a great solution for those going teetotal over Crimbo or just looking to cut back on units as part of their “new year, new me” transformation.  

Seven Bro7hers AF Ipa For Release December 2021
Seven Bro7hers are conquering the AF scene one tin at a time this Xmas Image: Seven Bro7hers

With lots of alcohol-free options often leaving us wondering why we didn’t just order a J2O, this new Pale Ale is described as a “hoppy craft ale” that “doesn’t compromise on flavour”. Offering that same satisfying taste and refreshing kick that the other Seven Bro7hers scoops have nailed, this ale is tempting AF, in both senses.

As the demand for proper teetotal tinnies has increased over the last couple of years, the team admit that “delivering on alcohol-free without compromising on the taste is a challenge”. However, if the success that these real-life brothers has maintained over the last few years is anything to go off, we’re pretty sure that AF Pale Ale will become just another string to their impressive beer-fuelled bow.

Seven Bro7Hers Beers From The Salford Brewery
Several other innovative scoops have been released by this Salford-based spot too Image: Confidentials

Seven Bro7hers’ AF Pale Ale will be available in 330ml cans for just £1.60 a pop. The new release will be stocked on the Seven Bro7hers webshop and in all its Manchester-based beer houses from Monday 20 December. For those friends who still fancy getting sloshed every now and then, some other Seven Bro7hers bevs come in the form of a watermelon wheat beer and a "crunchie in a can" honeycomb pale ale.

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