Seven Bro7hers join hospitality brands transforming Media City

Media City is set to receive an overhaul with its latest food and drink offering, Central Bay. The 25,000 square-foot venue will act as one of the biggest independent food and drink operations in the North. It’s the first of its kind in Salford and will house four independent restaurants, 20 kitchens, markets, pop-up events, live music and have recreational space for children amongst other features yet to be announced in the coming months.

Blend Family, the operator behind Cutlery Works in Sheffield and The GPO in Liverpool, has been brought onboard to develop the food hall side of things which is to be known as ‘Kargo’.

As the £3.5m transformation continues, it’s unveiled that SEVEN BRO7HERS Brewing Co. will be launching their own bar and microbrewery on the site under the name ‘Eleven Central’.

This project is close to our hearts as it’s our third site in Salford, down the road from where all the family grew up.

2023 07 31 Seven Bros Media City
The existing taproom at MediaCity is already a firm favourite Image: Mike Batho

Eleven Central combines both SEVEN BRO7HERS and SIS4ERS DISTILLERY, bringing the 11 siblings’ brewing techniques and much-loved boozy products together under one roof. The bar will provide a mixture of food and drink, live music, bar games and waterside views from a 2,000 square foot terrace.

Staying true to their family-run businesses, inspired by their father’s home brewing, Eleven Central by SEVEN BRO7HERS will serve authentic artisan beer, expertly brewed just a few miles away in Salford where the siblings grew up. Along with the microbrewery on site, customers can enjoy limited edition beers made just metres away from the bar - from tank to tap. 

The SISTERS DISTILLERY will also have a key role behind the bar with its full range of award-winning flavoured gins available, plus an assortment of artisan tonics to pair them with. Gin enthusiasts who want to learn the craft of making unique gins from the experts themselves can book onto one of their gin making classes, launching this summer at Central Bay.

2023 07 31 Seven Bros Cheers
The seven brothers behind SEVEN BRO7HERS Image: SEVEN BRO7HERS Brewing Co

Keith McAvoy, CEO of SEVEN BRO7HERS Brewing Co, says: “It’s an exciting time for us as we take our bar offering to a new level and create a diverse, theatre-led experience. To date we have had great success in the beerhouse space, Eleven Central gives us the opportunity to build an entertainment hub for the quays – the chance to work on a brand-new concept.

“This project is close to our hearts, as it’s our third site in Salford down the road from where all the family grew up. There is the added satisfaction knowing that our grandfathers were part of the Salford Docks community, being dock workers and our parents were born and raised a stone’s throw away from where the bar is situated. It just feels right to be working here bringing something new and exciting to the area. To be able to play a major role in what will be an incredible destination in Salford.”

Stephen Wild, Managing Director for MediaCity, adds: “Central Bay is a major project for us, and we are putting everything we can into it, to give the local and wider Greater Manchester community a leading food and drink destination just a walk or short tram ride away. 

“Having the Eleven Central team on board is an absolute pleasure; we’ve watched them grow exponentially since setting up their first brewery down the road, to now having two different bars on MediaCity grounds. We’re honoured to be a part of their journey, and to be bringing their award-winning products and expertise into Central Bay making it one of the most exciting foodie destinations in the North West.”

2023 07 31 Central Bay Illustration
An illustration of what Central Bay will look like Image: MediaCity

Eleven Central will run events in partnership with Central Bay, including family friendly day-time activities during the school holidays, live music nights, and food within the bar area. 

Along with the existing SEVEN BRO7HERS bar which has become a popular part of the Salford and Manchester social scene, the new site will have additional entertainment activities such as pool and shuffle tables as well as a wider beer offering to cater for all tastes. 

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SEVEN BRO7HERS are currently crowdfunding for their forever home

Click here to donate. You can find out more about the crowd funder on our website here.

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