Harley Young visits a quaint and welcoming new restaurant in South Manchester

Having opened back in October of last year and swiftly settled into its neighbouring surroundings of Station Road, Owen’s Kitchen & Bar has fast become part of the furniture in the town. Almost like it was always there. 

The invitingly tasteful decor welcomes you like a big hug from an old friend. It balances the line between cosy and classy very well. 

Owen’s Kitchen & Bar is a real asset to Urmston’s now thriving offering of foodie hotspots

2024 01 15 Owens Inside
Inside Owen's Image: Confidentials

Downstairs there’s enough seating for about 25 covers, plus a quaint bar with all the spirits you’d need to make a quality cocktail. Each table has its own free-standing wine cooler ready and waiting for you. Upstairs, there’s even more seating and upcycled old-timey decorations like vintage record players - it’s all very coherent and well thought out. 

2024 01 15 Owens Inside 2
Inside Owen's Image: Confidentials

To drink, my partner Dave ordered a glass of house white wine while I opted for a non-alcoholic gin and tonic. He described the wine as refreshing and delicate and my alcohol-free tipple was very convincing, well balanced with just enough botanicals to fool you into thinking you were drinking something stronger.

2024 01 15 Owens Wine
House white wine Image: Confidentials
2024 01 15 Owens Gin
Non-alcoholic gin Image: Confidentials

Starting things off, I ordered the goat's cheese and pear salad with crushed walnuts and honey and thyme dressing; a generously-portioned starter with a nicely-spiced slither of pear and greens on a plentiful bed of whipped goats cheese. This dish served well as an introduction to what was to come and was beautifully presented. The honey and thyme dressing provided a sweet-savoury smoothness, cutting through the chalkiness of the goat's cheese.

2024 01 15 Owens Salad
Goats cheese and pear salad Image: Confidentials

Dave went for the chicken liver and cognac pate with spiced winter chutney and herb croute. This dish had plenty of flavour but the pate didn’t spread too easily, perhaps it needed thawing out for slightly longer before being served. It didn’t distract from the taste, though.

2024 01 15 Owens Pate
Chicken liver and cognac pate Image: Confidentials

For my main, I chose the woodland chicken with mushroom and tarragon sauce, served with a rather delectable portion of parmesan truffled roasties; these were like drugs - I simply couldn’t get enough of them. The chicken fell off the bone and was of high quality, no gristly bits that you can often get with cheaper reared chickens. I finished every last mouthful and wished I’d ordered an extra portion of the truffled roasties (available as a side for £5.50) out of pure greed.

2024 01 15 Owens Woodland Chicken
Woodland chicken Image: Confidentials

Dave chose the medallions of Cheshire pork with squash puree, prosciutto and sage crisps along with another generous helping of parmesan truffled roasties - secretly, I hoped he’d leave one behind so I could steal it but he polished the lot off. The presentation of the pork medallions was very artistic and pleasant, the flavour even moreso.

2024 01 15 Owens Pork
Pork medallions Image: Confidentials

By now, we were feeling rather full and plump after a hearty two courses, but we managed to set aside just enough room in our stomachs for dessert. 

I chose the salted caramel profiteroles with chocolate chips and a berry coulis. A sweet and picturesque dish but it lacked personality which the other two courses had in abundance. The profiteroles were more like dough balls - not unpleasant by any stretch of the imagination, but not quite what I was expecting from the dish.

2024 01 15 Owens Profiteroles
Salted caramel profiteroles Image: Confidentials

My partner went with the Prosecco poached pear served with walnuts and a scoop of berry sorbet. The pear was served cold rather than warm, perhaps to complement the sorbet better and to retain the boozy-ness of the Prosecco, but, being a winter dish, it would have probably been more pleasant heated up.

2024 01 15 Owens Pear
Poached pear Image: Confidentials

The rotating seasonal menus are small but well thought out, meaning that heart and soul is poured into each and every one of the dishes. All of which is reasonably priced and you’ll always leave full. 

Overall, our experience was nothing short of wonderful. The warm decor and even warmer welcome you receive when walking through the door shows that Owen’s Kitchen & Bar is a real asset to Urmston’s now thriving offering of foodie hotspots.

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  • Ambience 4/5