What do we want? CARBS. When do we want them? NOW

We are teetering on the edge of Christmas party season. For most of us, that means a slippery slope of boozy work do’s, mulled wine-fuelled family gatherings, cocktails with long lost friends, visits to the Christmas markets and any excuse to try whatever new flavour Bailey’s has brought out this year.

The good news is that temple of Italian comfort food, Salvi’s, has given its Rosticceria on John Dalton Street a complete overhaul and it has come up with the ultimate edible hangover cure – the crochette ripieni.

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Inside Salvi's new Pizzeria Napoletana

The newly relaunched Salvi’s Pizzeria Napoletana, a couple of doors down from Salvi’s Cucina, is a sixteen-cover restaurant specialising in the kind of typical street food you’ll find in Old Naples. The kind of snacks native Neapolitans crave after a night knocking back the Nero D’avola.

The menu is so simple that those with vision that has been slightly compromised by the previous evening’s excesses can navigate through it easily.

Choose from three of these highly carb-fuelled options:

Crochette Ripieni - £8.50

Salvi’s is the only place in town where you can get hold of these parcels of potato perfection. They’ve taken mashed potato - arguably the world's number one comfort food item - and pimped it up to new heavenly heights by forming it into huge, crumb coated, deep fried cylindrical croquettes. These are then split open, stuffed with a variety of toppings including smoked mozzarella and spicy nduja (because cheese is a no-brainer for the hideously hungovered), or Italian sausage and friarielli (Italian broccoli to replace lost vitamins) or comforting soft aubergine and tomato with mozzarella (pictured.) “They usually are a bit smaller in Naples, and are served plain,” owner Maurizzio Cecco tells us, “but we’ve taken them to the next level and supersized them.” Bravo Salvi’s, Bravo.

Calzone Fritto - £12

2018 11 22 Salvis Pizzeria Napoletana Fried Calzone

When you’re hungover it’s common to lose the ability to make a simple decision. Thanks to Salvi’s new Pizzeria Napoletana, you no longer have to choose between chips or pizza for your carb fix. This is because they’ve taken a pizza, folded it up into a half moon and deep-fried it. But this is not a new idea, as the Italians have been doing this for years. Here you can choose between four fillings including ‘Partenopea’ the most traditional combination of ricotta, ciccioli (pork), mozzarella and Parmesan. Also, apparently (depending on who you talk to) ‘calzone fritto’ means stuffed shoes or pants, which is funny, so that alone is a good enough reason to get one.

Pizza Napoletana - £10

2018 11 22 Salvis Pizzeria

If the combination of deep-frying and carb-loading is a step too far, you can always rely on a classic pizza and here you can choose from eight different varieties from the simple bufala – because top notch mozzarella is Salvi’s speciality to the seasonal pumpkin and pancetta, or the diavola with spicy salami and nduja.

Salvi’s Pizzeria Napoletana, John Dalton Street, Manchester, M2 6FW Open Monday – Saturday 10:00 - 23:00, Sunday 11:00 - 22:00