SEVEN BRO7HERS secures first US export deal

Going to New York in the near future? You may well bump into a little bit of Manchester if you find yourself knocking around the city’s supermarkets. Salford family-run brewery SEVEN BRO7HERS has secured its first US export deal, with 10,000 litres of Salford-made beer on its way to the Big Apple.

We are super proud and humbled to see our beers go over to America

Beers from the brewery’s family core range are set to hit New York City shops and some surrounding states in a deal that’s set to be worth £18k. The deal is the first of its kind for the Salford brewery which produces its beer at Salford Quays.

The Seven Brothers Brewery Core Range
The cans set to hit US shelves Image: SEVEN BRO7HERS

I’m waiting for the can

Last month, Seven Bro7hers shipped roughly 10,000 litres of its family core range of 440lml cans to the states for the first time. the core range includes the brewery’s Juicy IPA, Hoppy Pale, Amber Lager, Easy IPA and its award-winning and extremely moreish Watermelon wheat beer.

The deal comes in the wake of a partnership with importers Iron Horse Beverages who are said to have fallen in love with the SEVEN BRO7HERS story (who hasn’t?). Iron Horse, which also happens to be a family company, has been importing beer all over the world since 2002.

Kit Of Seven Brothers Brewery In Manchester Fame
Kit McAvoy, Head of Export at SEVEN BRO7HERS Image: SEVEN BRO7HERS

Director and export manager, Kit McAvoy of SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO, said:

“This is such a momentous occasion for our business. This is our first export to the United States, so it feels like a huge milestone."

“We are super proud and humbled to see our beers go over to America. We have exported for more than two years now to the EU and this move now feels like the start of something big.”

The deal comes in spite of red tape associated with Brexit and various complications that came with the pandemic.

Seven Brothers Beerhouse Middlewood Locks Manchester
SEVEN BRO7HERS Beerhouse Middlewood Locks Image: SEVEN BRO7HERS

SEVEN BRO7HERS export manager and brother number six, Kit, added:

“The US craft beer market is a lot further along than the UK; it has become more common place to see craft on the shelves in supermarkets alongside mainstream brands.

“One main difference I have noticed is America’s ‘grab and go’ culture. Nearly all the craft beers are sold in four or six packs – shoppers spend less time deciding what they want and just pick up their four pack and make a purchase. In the UK we spend more time examining or evaluating before we buy. I think we will eventually catch up with the states and craft will become impulse like the household brands. Ultimately, they are ready for us.”

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