You can get all you need to make buns, bread and even pizza dough delivered to your door

Lockdown has made much of the nation go home baking crazy, which has lead to a shortage of key ingredients, such as strong white flour and yeast. Celebrities including comedian Loose Women’s Nadia SawalhaStephen Fry and ITV presenter Holly Willoughby have swamped social media with pictures of their freshly baked bread and internet recipe searches have hit an all-time high. 

Transforming a few simple ingredients into a beautiful loaf is really satisfying

It turns out that the problem isn’t actually a shortage of flour as Britain is pretty self sufficient at growing and milling wheat. The issue is with the packaging, as sales of standard 1.5kg bags have gone through the roof since the coronavirus outbreak.

So if you’re struggling to get hold of flour or yeast, or are a little intimidated by the thought of baking bread for the first time, it’s now no problem thanks to an innovative idea from Roberts Bakery.

2020 05 19 Roberts Bakery Kit Scales
The Get Baking Kits come in recyclable paper bags, all you need to do is add 300ml of warm water and 25g of butter

Roberts, which has bakeries in Cheshire and Derbyshire and usually supplies sliced loaves to all major supermarkets and local convenience stores across the UK, has launched its first ever home baking kit - a delicious dough-making bundle that’s available to buy online and delivered straight to doors across the nation. 

Available to buy online today, Roberts’ premium dough mix – the Get Baking Kit – will make sure that bakers across the land have everything they need to get started on their homemade artisan white loaves, rolls and pizza bases. 

2020 05 19 Roberts Bakery Kit Sticky Dough
Will this sticky mess turn into a smooth dough?

All you need to do is add warm water and olive oil or butter to this versatile vegan-friendly mix –made with Roberts’ very own highest-quality flour – and then stir it up and knead it before putting in the oven. It’s ideal for those who are just starting out, for fun with the kids, or when time is tight, but you still want the delicious homemade baked taste.

2020 05 19 Roberts Bakery Kit Dough Bowl
After ten minutes kneading, the dough comes together nicely

Each 1kg kit makes a large white loaf and 12 white bread rolls; a large white loaf and four pizza bases; or a large white loaf, six white rolls and two pizza bases. There are loads of possibilities - it’s up to each home baker to decide. And there’s no rush. Once the kit’s opened, you’ve got three months to bake it all.

The Get Baking Kits come in recyclable paper bags and are available online at Roberts’s new online shop for a special launch price of just £8.50. 

2020 05 19 Roberts Bakery Kit Dough Risen
After an hour in a warm place, the dough doubles in size and is ready to be shaped into a loaf, buns or pizza bases

Roberts have also launched Bakery Bundles - a specially selected mix of products for every occasion at £7.50 each - Family FavesBakery Explorer and Healthy Hits - all home delivered. 

Fourth generation bakery Roberts, which employs 900 people, is the first major bakery brand in the UK to sell directly to shoppers, partnering with national delivery service DPD to offer next day delivery. (The baking kits and bundles will also be available for delivery via Uber Eats for people who live in Manchester or Leeds, but they'll be rolling this out to other cities soon.)

2020 05 19 Roberts Bakery Kit Hot Dogs
We tried it at home. Half of the baking kit made eight soft and fluffy hot dog rolls

Stuart Spencer-Calnan, Managing Director of Roberts bakery, said: “Since the pandemic confined millions of us to our homes, I think we’ve re-connected with home baking out of both need and pleasure during what is such a challenging time.

“Initially driven by a shortage of wrapped bread, home baking has become a real stress-buster and distraction from what’s going on around us - transforming a few simple ingredients into a beautiful loaf is really satisfying.

“There’s still a shortage of flour and yeast in shops, so we’re hoping that our new Get Baking Kit will mean more people get to enjoy the experience – whether that’s to bake loaves, rolls or pizza bases. It’s really versatile, easy and fun to do.

“And for those who don’t fancy giving home bread baking a go - but are vulnerable, self-isolating or simply want avoid shops and still hustling for supermarket delivery slots – our Bakery Bundles will hopefully provide another solution to a pandemic problem.”

2020 05 20 Roberts Bakery Kit Finished Loaf
The other half of the Baking Kit made a full sized loaf. Easy.

All of Roberts’ home deliveries are contact-free, appropriately socially distanced and are can be ordered online.

For further information, visit or

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