Pizza Rivoluzione promises to revolutionise your pizza eating habits

So, here’s a question for you. Why does every artisan pizza joint in the UK make the same style of pizza? All wood-fired and Neapolitan without exception, which would be understandable if it was the same in Italy – but it isn’t. There’s a whole range of great pizzas over there that’s barely ever made it to the UK – and we thought that should change.

Rivoluzione Declare!

From 10 May to 21 September, Pizza Rivoluzione is taking over Blanchflower every Friday and Saturday evening, when wewill be serving up the other styles of pizza rarely seen, let alone sampled, on these shores. The menu is centred around our Focaccia Pizza plus our 100% sourdough Pizza Romana. Meanwhile, the likes of the Contemporary movement and Pizza Fritto will pop up on the specials board. 

2019 05 02 Blanchflower Pizza Prawns

We’re mainly focusing on creating pizza inspired by Rome, because it has a unique pizza culture based around the city’s love of a crispy, crunchy base. We have much longer baking times than used by wood-fired ovens, creating dough that’s crisp on the outside with a soft, fluffy interior, and bags of flavour. 

Our oblong Focaccia Pizzas are about 2cm high with toppings added after they leave the oven, in line with the style of the Contemporary pizza scene happening now in Italy. The toppings on our ultra-thin Pizza Romana are cooked on the pizza in the oven. 

2019 05 02 Focaccia Blanchflower

Our toppings are at the modernist end of traditional. For instance, king prawn, charred courgette, mascarpone and red chilli on a Romana base or Parma ham, rocket, balsamic and glazed peach on Focaccia. 

This is artisan pizza but not as it’s made elsewhere. 

2019 05 02 New Blanchflower Header