Vertigo is set to be replaced by vegan gnocchi and Biscoff doughnuts

Walking pasta empty unit with a brand new licensing agreement in the window is like finding a tenner in your coat pocket at Confidentials, and since vegan restaurant Vertigo closed back in March, we've been peering through the doors like Jack Nicholson every time we walk past.  

You shouldn't have to compromise freshness or flavour when you eat food that respects the planet

Well, the word is finally out, the cat's out of the bag, we've got the inside scoop, and London-based Pastan is moving next to the Camera Exchange on Cross Street. 

You know what they say, gnocchi one vegan joint down and build a new one in its place, so welcome to Cross Street, Pastan. With a menu of fresh, plant-based Italian classics such as sage tortellini and a charcoal activated taglioni, here's everything you need to know about Pastan and its new premises - pronto. 

Pastan Vegan Pasta Restaurant Farringon London 2022
Pastan's posh spot in Farringdon, London Image: Pastan

From EC1M to M2

Pastan's original casa is right by the Barbican in London, and judging by its matte ceramics and swanky interiors, the spot must've cost a pretty penne. However, the menu is simple, comforting, and an absolute carb fest. 

Priding itself on the lack of "anything refined or unnatural" within the menu of fresh pasta, plant shakes, caesar salads, and Limoncello affogato, Pastan was created after the founders struggled to find "healthy, plant-based pasta" anywhere else. There are two menus online with a lighter lunch option and a full evening menu with starters, mains and desserts. 

The Pastan pros have been in the industry for over 20 years, and with a belief that "you shouldn't have to compromise freshness or flavour when you eat food that respects the planet", we're ready for a bowl of signature mac 'n' cheese ASAP. Maybe a Biscoff doughnut too, for good measure. 

Vegan Ravioli With Pine Nuts From Pasta London New Opening On Cross Street In Manchester
Green food with an even greener ethos Image: Pastan

Saluti to saving the planet

We suspect that Italian liquors will be flowing into the evening at this new Italian joint with a load of wines, beers and spirits currently on the menu at their London branch.

Since the brand recently partnered up with Carbon Free Dining, we're also hoping that both the Manchester restaurant and its pasta-guzzling guests will have the opportunity to add a small fee to the bill and plant a fruit tree in the developing world. Saluti to that.

A Selection Of Vegan Pasta From Pastan In London New Opening Manchester Cross Street Italian
Oodles of fresh noodles and vegan cheese sauce Image: Pastan

I want it all, and I want it now

The new Pastan place isn't expected to open for a little while yet, but if you just can't wait for some vegan pomodoro or pea and shallot ravioli, you can order Pastan goods to be delivered to you door to cook at home. 

For now, keep your eyes peeled for an opening date or a pesky neon sign inside the old Vertigo residence, and pick your favourite pasta shape. Pasta la vista, baby.

18 Cross St, Manchester M2 7AE

Header Image: Carb Club 

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