Sugo becomes Sud to rhyme with 'sued'

A brand everybody in Manchester knows, and an unforgettable bowl of pasta to boot, Sugo brought saucy, salty joy to the lips of many. But now the Altrincham success story, the Puglian-inspired pasta master will now go by the name… SUD.

Pronounced ‘sood’ to rhyme with 'sued' (more of which later) and meaning ‘south’ in Italian, the new name came into effect at 10am on Monday 23 February and is a reflection of the southern Italian dishes that soon won the restaurant fans when it opened in 2015.

Sugo Pasta Kitchen in Altrincham is also regularly featured in the Confidential Guides Hot 50 restaurants list, published on the first Thursday of every month. Last month the restaurant came in at number 27.

The Interior And Kitchen At Sugo In Sale Manchester
Sood like food, not sud like dud Image: Confidentials

Why the sudden change?

The reasons for the name change have not been mentioned publicly by the owners of the restaurant, Michael and Alex, but in a post put out on social media they acknowledge “We are aware that we can’t stop any speculation, however, all we’ll say is that our home is in the kitchen, not the boardroom.”

2019 12 17 Sugo Glasgow
Sugo Glasgow Image: Sugo Pasta

The ‘speculation’ to which the post refers could be in relation to the Instagram feud that happened in 2019 with another pasta restaurant based in Glasgow - Sugo Pasta. Apparently, diners in Glasgow had been visiting the Manchester-based restaurant's website to view the menu and buy gift vouchers without realising they were on the wrong page.

This sparked a battle of words between the two restaurants. Confidentials reported on the whole feud when it happened.

"The crazy thing here is your boys Sugo Pasta Glasgow (the guys behind Paesano Pizza Glasgow) are trying to sue us for using our own name,” said Sugo, Manchester. But Sugo, Glasgow soon hit back, stating that the Manchester restaurant should have "stuck to the UK trademark rules”.

House Sugo Ragu At The New Restaurant In Sale Manchester
The House Sugo - will this name change too? Image: Confidentials

Looking to the future

The newly named Sud is sticking by the name, and it looks like its public are too.

“As long as House Sud (sugo) tastes the same you could be called Nasty Pasta for all I care. Love the new name. #forzasud" said one Instagram fan. 

But some people online were quick to point out that the old name would probably stick despite the official change, “What's the betting that we'll still be calling it Sugo for years to come [sic]. Manchester institutions tend to retain their name... I still refer to Manchester Central as GMEX!” Another commented.

The new name will apply to all three of the brand’s restaurants across Altrincham, Ancoats and Sale but as long as the restaurant keeps serving up its rich spoonfuls of wonderful pasta, meatballs, and litre jugs of red wine, we’ll still be visiting once a fortnight as usual.

Sud Pasta 22 Shaw's Rd, Altrincham WA14 / 46 Blossom Street, Ancoats / 7-8 Stanley Square, Sale M33 7XZ

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