Finding out what makes this personal training gym a runaway success

P1 Fitness is an independent, family-run gym with Peter and Abby at the helm. P1 for Peter, see. And just off Princess Street. And next to St Peter’s Square. So many Ps. 1 for being the first of its kind – the first purpose-built, semi-private PT studio.

 Abby and Peter met in a gym but though they may have fallen in love, they certainly weren’t enamoured with gyms.

‘We always wondered whether there wasn’t a better way. Why do so many people sign up to the gym in January but stop going by February? How is it right that the whole budget gym model is designed to rely on people just paying the direct debit but not actually going?’ pondered Peter.

Nothing came of it initially. Abby was working for the NHS and Peter had trained as a sports coach after his footballing career didn’t work out. But they always felt they could do gyms differently. Better.

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P1 Fitness opened in 2018 with a core belief that sets it apart - people need a place to exercise where they enjoy going. Seems simple doesn’t it but so many gyms are sweaty, competitive and, frankly, grim. No wonder people have to chivvy themselves into going.

 P1 is right in the heart of the city centre on Kennedy Street so going to the gym isn’t an inconvenience, just fit it in to your lifestyle. It’s also an appealing place and absolutely spotless.

As Peter says, ‘You will only stick to your training regime if you enjoy the workout and the environment. At P1, you can enjoy quality coached training sessions every time you visit then follow it up with power showers, clean, fluffy towels and a selection of nice toiletries in the changing rooms.’ A bit of pampering goes a long way. After all, if you’re training hard, surely you deserve it.

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It’s not just the little touches of luxury like free coffee that keep clients loyal. Because it’s an independent business, the team at P1 Fitness go the extra mile – from providing tailored home and hotel workouts for those days when you can’t get to the gym, to eBooks, detailed nutritional support that allows you to have a social life, 3D body scans and monthly 1on1 reviews.

That’s not all; new members start off on the 30 Day Accelerator Program. ‘It gives you the chance to experience how we work, try the different sessions and get to know the staff and the community without any commitment,’ Peter explains.

‘During this period, you’ll have all the best tools P1 offers available to you such as twice-weekly semi-private PT sessions, all the small group classes you can fit in as well as 1on1 nutrition coaching and a personal success manager to help you stay on track. By the end of 30 days, you’re guaranteed to feel, and even look, better but more importantly, have a clear fitness path to get you all the way to your goals.’

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Everything about P1 Fitness is very focused but friendly and approachable. This isn’t the place for Instagram babes and blokes pouting for selfies next to gym equipment. The team work with real people, helping them overcome real challenges and train towards meaningful results.

Peter feels strongly about this: ‘With everything we do, we play the long game. Our programmes revolve around the core belief that you deserve to be happy, healthy and in shape for the rest of your life. We never sacrifice long-term health for short-term goals and we’re very clear about this from the get-go. No fads, no crash diets and no false promises.’

It’s easier to keep positive when your goals are realistic – we aren’t all going to get the body of a Greek god and maintain our sanity and social life but we can all get fitter and healthier. It’s also easier to keep up the motivation when you’re training with like-minded people.

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The semi-private personal training at P1 is tailored to each individual to provide the right balance of strength training, conditioning workouts, mobility drills and stretching but you’re able to benefit from the team spirit and inspiration of small group dynamics. It works out a lot cheaper too!

The team spirit doesn’t just extend to the members but also the staff. There are no freelancers, just dedicated people with over 80 years collective experience in the health and fitness industry who are all part of the P1 family, each bringing their own areas of expertise.

When you join, you’ll feel like part of the P1 family too. Like there are people you can trust, who have your back and genuinely care about helping you be as fit and healthy as you can be.

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